Silly Grins

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Today's Menu: Christmas Grub

We had bird yesterday, on the Eve. 


Today, we had rice cakes that we pounded out in a five-hour marathon. 
Then, we had something that made my year. 

No. Not these.

(Warning: Further viewing not recommended for entomophobics) 


I've so been itching to get a taste of
something grubbin

They'd been frozen for a few weeks, 
so they weren't exactly the freshest, 
but they did saute pretty well with just a dab of butter. 

Someday I will try locust and honey. 
For now, I must settle for what is on hand.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I was sure it was mochi.....

    Until I kept reading and then...well....I ate dog food once cuz I had to but this is different.

    If your happy.....that's what count's and like the good book says (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) what is good? and what is bad? and need we others to tell us which is which?

    To which I say we do not.

    Merry Christmas Will!!

  2. Chris: The holiday was good enough, but the larvae was definitely a bonus. By the way, a civics teacher in high school told us that dog food is just a grade below what's served at the golden arches...he was in the beef industry. Not gonna ask how it tasted, but I'm willing to guess some spice would have helped.

    Bigg: Protein...will definitely use spice next time. If there's ever a food shortage, we can definitely be flexible. Even if there isn't, I'm thinking "party treats".

  3. In all honesty, those grubs look no worse than some of the other 'traditional' foods I was given when I first came to Japan. After the first month or so I just gave up asking what I was eating. Seemed simpler all round.

  4. Kamo: The path of least resistance and that free meal... I've learned over time (and dysentery) that I can actually so 'no' when it comes to a few of the uncooked 'traditional' dishes. Your Christmas definitely looked more appetizing than ours.