Silly Grins

Sunday, December 4, 2011

33 Days: Day 7


Bad weather hahaha, it's warm and I feel 3 raindrops in the course of the entire day and wonder what kind of weather is really necessary in order to sell ice cream.  I find a sailor's hat in the dumpster, unfortunately it's too small to fit comfortably on my big head.  

I meet another cat, this one's nice too though a bit mangy.  We hitchhike to a little town called Sauzon with another islander, the town is a lame tourist trap full of overpriced restaurants, on the way back we are startled by the fact that tourists in rental cars with 3 or 4 visibly empty seats have no inclination to pick us up.  

Back in town France beats Portugal in a boring semi-final World Cup match and everyone goes apeshit honking their horns and whatnot.  An Asian girl (Korean maybe?) and her French boyfriend check into the campground, I am struck as I walk by when I realize that she is crying and he is playing guitar absentmindedly. As though he doesn't even hear.  

I call my dad and we laugh together about the fact that this job is ridiculous and the atmosphere of the place is at least weird enough to have some comic value.