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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

33Days: Day 10

DAY 10

Do nothing until 4 p.m., this means the weather is still bad (?).  We go to Donnant, the biggest beach on the island, where there are waves and surfers, the whole bit.  The beach is packed and I can't see why we're not working today.  I end up going body surfing in the cold, cold ocean because I figure if I can't work then at least I can be battered around by the waves.  

We hitch a ride back home and participate in an 'aperitif party' with the other seasonal workers who are employed doing other crappy, tourism-related jobs around the island -- at least they're earning minimum wage though, from my present position that sounds like the high life.  Feeling glum and having a large amount of cheap alcohol at my disposal, I take pretty much whatever drink is offered to me and end up getting drunk off hard cider/carbonated wine/pastis/red wine/etc.  

Once I'm really drunk and Angela is slightly tipsy we go down to the town and dance around to a weird man with a guitar and machines playing covers of horrible French pops songs in a sort of one-man band situation, he is doing a concert on a little makeshift stage right next to the harbor for no apparent reason, O.K.  I go insane.  

I start writhing around on the pavement and pretend to break dance even though I don't know how, trying to look as stupid as possible.  A guy comes up and hugs me.  We go up and pass out in the tent at some point though I don't remember having left the concert.


  1. Haha, love the last part. If you can let yourself go that far, you have managed quite an amount of personal freedom I think.

  2. "I start writhing around on the pavement and pretend to break dance even though I don't know how,"

    I would like to try that tonight during an adult class just for the fuck of it. I'd secretly videotape it for youtube so we can enjoy it later since we don't have a vid of your classic moment :)

  3. Momotaro: Not sure I could do that.

    Chris: The moment, though classic, was not mine...