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Sunday, December 25, 2011

33 Days: Day 14

DAY 14

More sun!  Pretty much a repetition of the day before...
Clement is at the beach again with the girls, we talk quite a bit and I am amused by his crankily friendly attitude.  New ice cream vendors arrive from Rennes.  In the evening, the town is blocked off for a weekly "pedestrian night" where they have lots of little concerts and a night market.  

 Sea, Sex And Sun

I am struck by the fact that everyone and their dog rely on songs by Brassens or Gainsbourg for a hearty part of their repertoire.  Apart from that there is some funny Breton music (a Breton being someone from Bretagne), it sounds melodically like Irish folk music but they're singing in French, there is an old man playing a Yamaha synthesizer along with this old franco/celtic stuff, pretty whack...

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