Silly Grins

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Just Happened?

A sick feeling is overtaking me. The hard part is, I don’t quite know where all of it is coming from. I figure the stress is solely responsible for the temporal disorientation this afternoon. In a state of panic, the grey matter in my brain had me reading the clocks an hour ahead of where they really were. All of the clocks were digital. Okay, maybe not all, but that's no excuse. And it doesn’t matter.

In a way, I’m happy with the results from this second wave of fear-induced stress. This near-close nervous breakdown has given me something.

A little bit more clarity. Yeah, just a little more clarity,  like the first adrenaline jump this last June, shortly after the blog started. 

No need to celebrate just now though. Paradigm shifts are never pretty. Must try to hang on to sense of humor and understanding of the not-so-subtle difference between humility and humiliation.

Okay, now I do need to go.


  1. time to go, good man. Now RUN.

  2. I know you know not to ever take any pills for stress no matter one some dickhead with a "Dr." before his name says.

    THAT...will break you down.

    Breathe deep and slow and kill someone...or just wait for the bad feelings to pass.

  3. Bigg: Thank you. I'm gonna try to just keep moving and not panic.

    Chris: Like most predicaments, I'm more or less responsible. And I've gotta deal with it... thank you.