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Friday, December 9, 2011

33 Days: Day 12

DAY 12

No work, cool and cloudy.  We go to a local cookie factory to taste their wares and then watch a pirated version of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels on Romu's little TV, dubbed in French. 

I find the film easier to understand in French than it was in English with all those trashy London accents.  We play "Corsican Battle", the card game which unleashed my whining the other day, after all it's my favorite card game and there is fucking nothing else to do.  

Reggae drifts in from all sides, everyone except for us at the campground has apparently brought a stereo and wants to share their amazing music far into the night.  I can't decide if my boredom will change into an "I'm on vacation" mentality or not...


  1. "We go to a local cookie factory to taste their wares"

    Free samples to curb hunger pains?

  2. Two of the slimmest eras in my life have been in Japan. Washboard via lack of calories. I wouldn't say going hungry has ever been fun, but the food sure seems to taste better.

  3. I've had some Captain crunch without the milk that might have well have been melt in the mouth Prime Rib...I was so hungry. Humbling. Everyone should have to survive on sardines from the can once in their lives.