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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

33 Days: Day 9


More shit weather but quiet without all the fighting next door.  Dumpster dive a laundry rack to dry our clothes on and say hi to the stray cat I met several days earlier, he seems to live in the area.  We cajole Romu into taking us to a little beach on the southeast side of the island, nice though Angela cuts herself on some jagged rocks when she is swimming and gets pushed against them by an incoming wave, she comes out of the water with bloody knees looking shocked but relieved.  We walk for several kilometers on the way bay before being picked up by a tourist guy in a rental car who looks seriously absorbed in driving or whatever he's thinking about and says nothing to us during the drive back to town except "goodbye!" as we get out of the car.  

At the campground we meet our new coworkers, a Belgian couple who have just arrived from the mainland, they seem cool and the dude even lived in Oregon for a year, making him the first European I've met who could tell me where Idaho is.  Romu buys us a pizza for dinner, I guess after five days where we haven't even made enough money to eat he feels slightly guilty and wants to remedy this.  

I feel slightly better when I learn he doesn't even have a camp stove and has been eating cold for a week straight now, but then again, he's been doing this for seven summers straight now and should theoretically think to bring something to cook on...feeling restless afterward I take a walk in the night, I go to the port and stare at the lights of the mainland, which twinkle and make me want to get off the island, even though I'm not really sure where I would go once I was off.


  1. I love these posts. Reminds me of the purest time in my life when I still believed in people and other things besides myself.

  2. Chris: Although I still may want to believe in people and other things besides myself, there have been some shifts along the way that I'm only now starting to notice.

    Yeah, they are 'fun' posts, for the most part.

    (Got it all from the same person who burned the "Three Punches/France" CD. His brain never seemed to stop...ever)

  3. The pizza looks quite appetising. Hope the work picks up soon.