Silly Grins

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Libations and Realizations

There are people who look forward to the seasonal changes, celebrating in the form of festivals and whatnot. Something shared as a group. 

We've got our rituals. That's what I want to believe. I just wish that they weren't so empty. Or at least that they don't seem that way at times.

For some...
it's obvious.

There are those people who have a 'something special' about them.
They cast light all around themselves, bringing warmth, and often times serving as a spark to ignite. When light shines into darkness, it can also serve to illuminate that which may at first appear hideous. Amidst the bleak fog of the holidays, there was a beacon that shone, a simple phone call made. For that, thanks is given. 

Maybe it's all a matter...
 of perspective. 

This coming calendar year two thousand twelve is a year of reckoning, release, and perhaps even closure for that which does not sit well.

This also may be a year where a reunion of sorts is permitted to happen. A reunion (and reunions) where little, if any,  value is placed on mainstream nostalgia.

So what day is today? Ask Shadrack. And may no one go there. 

This year... there may be closure.



  1. No closure's for me in 2012 but hopefully more peace. I'd be happy with that.

  2. Understand about reckonings... I went through a huge one two years ago and it changed me permanently. For better or for worse, I really can't say, though...

  3. in one of your comments to me you mentioned that nostalgia is not your thing. And I remember you quickly erasing a post that could have been considered nostalgic.

    I, in a very drastic way, have been looking for some closure for a long time now. I hope you will find yours.


  4. Chris: More peace... that sounds nice.

  5. Billy: For myself, I don't quite understand reckoning, but I will at least have a chance. Just a matter of time (and timing). Never really understood what was meant by closure or that there was such a word until only recently. For better or for worse...

  6. Bigg: I can't say that I am longing for the past, but there is something going on that is connected to it... very much alive. A lot of old stories passed down and retold. The only thing is, there may be a part to be played that I have been avoiding. But there is no script. All I know that the window is closing and timing is everything, if chance allows.

    The deleted post... the last lines tie in in ways that I never imagined, the significance of which still carries forward. Maybe serendipity. There are stories that still need to be told. And, most of all, there's a chance for dialogue.

    Closure is something I am just beginning to learn about... as for the drastic to which you may be alluding to, there may be some parallels, but in a different time and place. Those parallels are perhaps related to what some people talk about when they use the word 'cargo'.

    To closure and longevity.

    Thank you.