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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

It started out as a mental response to a post about a bad weekend:

Retail sucks, especially on weekends...

"And Sunday was the perfect situation; I was cool, calm and very fucking angry by the end of it. I was shaking uncontrollably a few minutes after, the pure adrenalin was amazing!" -Queen Corinne 

(And to think that I was once tempted to actually spell her name wrong...on purpose.) 

This reminds me of the Big Sister/Little Sister Rule. The rule clearly states that you do not threaten to touch your big sister’s Harlequin Romance Novels, nor do you ever suggest that any harm will be done to your little sister’s Barbie collection. For whoever is fool enough to break the rule, there is no force above us, nor below, that dare get in the way of that fury's wrath.  

The threat of calling in the help from above, from a senpai? Some people might say that's like a spoiled brat-child calling to mommy to sort out his business.  Naki-mushi?  Personally, I tend to be pretty mellow about these things. On the other hand, my wife has what we politely refer to as just a little bit of a temper problem...but those are other stories.

The Pros and Cons of S&M (done)

Never, in our conversational classes, had we ever learned vocabulary or expressions that could adequately communicate what he was going to do with the tool he'd acquire. 

(All of the photos in this post were taken by Mr. M, the masochist)

He'd come in with a friend looking for an English teacher. The Sadist, Mr. S, was already good enough at reading and speaking, perhaps due to his homestays and all that other good fortune he'd been lucky enough to have had access to.

Mr. M started off at a completely different level, with a completely different outlook and completely different set of dreams. Getting past the basic greeting was an arduous chore, at least in the beginning. Kind of like starting to climb a mountain where the first few steps seem to be the toughest.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Pros and Cons of S&M

Teaching isn’t for everybody. Yeah, anybody can pretend to do it…for while anyway. 

There seems to come a time when people reach a point where they feel they’ve got to make a decision to move forward, maybe get back to the real world.

Last time I checked, it was all pretty damn real to me.

So, let us begin…

Once upon a time, a teacher had two students, Mr. S and Mr. M.
Today’s modest little tale of kinky adventure deals with Mr. M.


Oh, because he’s a masochist. 

And how do I know this?

Because he showed me. He showed me the pictures. All of them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chuchichästli (intermission wind-down)

When someone wants to see you splash around in a puddle for their entertainment and the crowd that has gathered around ends up getting wet, I can empathize with their feeling of being drenched (but without feeling sorry).

Sometimes, if you pronounce a single word a little too well, people can become a bit uneasy, almost like they are worried. Sometimes not understanding a language is great. Other times, it's still okay.

The following is dedicated to 'Swiss Miss' - one of those almost forgotten chocolates in that box of life. 
It's all about heartbreak, which is funny. Really.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The "Why did you come here?" Question... (still intermission)

With the assistance of technology that gives a person access to virtually all of their pop 'culture' - the ability to recall just about anything that was ever printed or shown on a screen or a monitor is startling. And this all happened while I wasn't really paying attention.

So, why Japan? For a moment, I'll pretend to have an answer other than the honest truth (I haven't a clue).

Think Eiko Ishioka, not as a designer now living in New York, but the Eiko Ishioka that had a coffee table book published in 1990, "Eiko by Eiko", featuring most of her work for Parco.

She is/was connected with Kazumi Kurigami (a name I'd swear I'd never heard of 72 hours before this post).

He's responsible for something 
like the following 
31 seconds 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Intermission


The following is part of an inner dialogue, 
With no particular audience in mind.
Just bits and pieces of here an there.
(Nothing to figure's internal)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011


The following entry was inspired by the creepiness of Generic Jen's take on Chanel ads...

The Smells

Tonic-y smell of newly-cut barbershop hair 

Announcing the arrival of freshly shaven crony 

Ready to go out on the town at nightfall

 After the excruciation of boxed-in hours of karaoke

Enka for the damned just before

That smell love hotels carry 

 Jut to remind you of who is really on top

Before stale smoke confuses the senses 

That old but hopeful smell that insists it is fresh...

Can you smell it? 

Playfully, it was named:

“Oil of Oyaji”

John vs. John


“As for shock...Gottman's 'science' is to Gray's 'pop' what Badboy's 'Confessions' are to Japanophile 'bloggers'...”


If you want 'proof', you can glance at this and see how the two Johns measure up (scroll down a little to compare sizes): 

John's & John's Johnson

(Didn't mean to be a 'dick' about that...was a fixed
but you're going to have to do something gross 
after touching and pressing on the Johnson with your cursor....
you've got to click on Continue reading article to see the goods) 

Now, if you haven't read the article, go back and read it.  It's raw.

Old news for the people who kind of feel that it's too late, but new to those of us who kind of just got here (come back and don't tell me that 'Hawaii special' doesn't look good to you).

Okay, if you've gotten this far, here's a little bit to help those of you English teachers who just might be having trouble keeping it together until summer holiday begins (Hint: It's an A B C song...).

And for you folks who don't like 'Old School' like I do
you can see the technicolor version here: 


Thursday, July 7, 2011

"You have a family you know..."

"You have a family you know..." sounds oh so familiar. After over $1,000 worth of trans-Pacific Skype sessions with a counselor, 15 kilos closer to a flat-line, chest pains, glycerin tablets (can you say HEADACHE?!) and all that other stuff, I finally stopped giving a rat's ass about the hysteria coming from wifey. She must have noticed the tectonic shift. Like fuck if I'm going to roll over and kill my soul.

Yeah, I might die a little, each and every day, but for the family.

Yeah, I might die a little, but not all the way (not yet).

So much stuff to mop up. It's going to take some time, but I've got my policy. I kept telling myself that I'd been through some shit and now the reward is more of the same.  No way in hell I'm going to start to feel sorry for myself, not that again.

We got it good. Sometimes I really think people are idiots (especially now that I’m looking in the mirror).

I Want Everything…

“Instant coffee, instant sex, instant failure, instant success…
I want everything, I want it now.” - The Godfathers

Today's thoughts are on relationships and the price we pay....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Sits in Front

Before the Throne

The first lines are remembered reading something like this:

Anger be now your song immortal one, 
Achilles anger, doomed and ruinous, 
That caused the Achenians loss on bitter loss
Leading many brave young men into the undergloom, 
Carrion for dogs and bird...
And the will of Zeus was done

That's kind of as far as it ever got.

Homer's tome used to be the main book that sat before the throne until marriage put an end to all the wars in the bachelor's mind. 

Thinking of Homer, today seemed to smack me in the face with a ten year anniversary of sorts. I'd been reading the wrong book...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stay Hydrated

"People have got to remember how to stay hydrated...the comments are typical of discussions a person might hear living on 'The Rock.' Anyway..." 
Followed by a link to the days news:
14 children taken to hospital after collapsing during school athletics meet
Apparently, a number of kids were in somewhat serious condition. You can read the reactions under the article.
"So..." he thinks,"I should ask wifey what her opinion is." 
He reads the article to his wife. 
She casually replies,"City people are weak."