Silly Grins

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rain: Didn't Stop Us

We just ended up going on a different hike, which was a little bit shorter, and had far fewer rocks to slip off of. Within two hours, we made it up and back.

Fungus was kind of...


Back down in the parking area, one of the fathers had set up enough of a shelter to keep folks dry and had some stew going (one of the fellows who runs a restaurant had donated a pot to the cause). While the grub was heating up, a few of the boys went down to a stream and started playing on the rocks. Boy genes. That's what they do when you them  loose in their element, outdoors.

The rain had more or less stopped anyway.

Friday, January 27, 2012

What Holds It All Together

For the record, so to speak, that last post was slightly intoxicated. No, not in an “I drink alone” kind of way, but in one of those “let’s get started with a new year” – but with a twist.

The evening was spent with a group of fathers in planning a mini-hike into the mountains with the kids. The ‘planning’ took maybe less than a quarter of an hour, with only a little bit of who’s on first.

During the debriefing at home, wifey didn’t quite believe business had been taken care of so quickly.

Wifey: “Fifteen minutes?!”

Me: (Affirmative grunt)

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the female contingency had already re-planned the event. Kind of like what seems to happen around any barbecue I’ve ever tried here.

To most of us knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, barbecue = meat, fire, and usually beer. To the fairer sex, that which often claims to think more rationally about these things (rational?), a barbecue is some kind of dramatic event requiring much more effort that usually involves an actual kitchen.

Monday, January 23, 2012

As It Is, Or Not

To actually observe the world as it is is the hardest part.

Observing the world as it is. That’s a theme which is particularly relevant to this culture of senior/junior-ship. And… and I’ve got this feeling that the nature of the relationship may be linked to how the majority professes to see things in order to go with the flow, score better on tests, and effectively have a better chance at winning that cultural lottery.

Personally, I don’t like to gamble; I’m uncomfortable with games.

Some would argue that going with the flow is easier than putting up resistance. Maybe that’s how kids get conditioned to accept that eyes are blue, even if they aren’t. Maybe because, as their lives flow along, outsiders are a momentary distraction. Or not.

As soon as a person starts wanting to step outside the box, that’s when things start to get a little funny

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Delirium: Beneath It All

Fiercely pounding, I can feel it all.

Borrowed from here.
Apparently the work of Michel Maidenberg.

Yeah, that hard. Where it comes in and how it connects.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Loop or Fractal

This is how it happens. A person spends a number of days under pressure, little sleep, thoughts raging in several different directions. All the information starts to overload. 


something about paranoia.

A visit here, a visit the/res , and everywheres else… surfing blogthreads.

And then the shut down… yeah, that one.

Things are happening, but just what is happening is still kind of vague. Really? Something about paranoia. The jury is still out on this one... a real nail-biter. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Libations and Realizations

There are people who look forward to the seasonal changes, celebrating in the form of festivals and whatnot. Something shared as a group. 

We've got our rituals. That's what I want to believe. I just wish that they weren't so empty. Or at least that they don't seem that way at times.

For some...
it's obvious.

There are those people who have a 'something special' about them.