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Saturday, December 3, 2011

33 Days: Day 6


Still bad weather, I guess, though it doesn't seem so bad to me, we are told this is not ice cream weather.  I dumpster some semi-edible bread and gnaw on it as we take a walk to an ugly beach -- there are lots of unidentified wormy things in the sand and the water is a suspicious, bracky green.  Perhaps due to motor oil seeing as there are a quite a few boats docked a little ways out?  

On the way back we take a route that follows the coast of the island and find an abandoned German bunker from World War II, lots of spooky graffiti,  a big open underground storage space for who knows what, I'm into it.  We meet a black cat as well a little farther down the road, it's real cute, lots of petting involved. In the evening Angela is tired ridiculously early (11 p.m., c'mon man) so I go for another walk, find myself on a little beach where I listen to the waves, a refreshingly clean sound after all the shitty reggae and hardcore techno the idiots around us in the camping are blasting at all hours of day and night.

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