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Monday, December 5, 2011

33 Days: Day 8


Bad weather that looks suspiciously like good weather to me in the afternoon -- meaning we don't work even though we think we should due to Romu's thoughts on the ice cream sales outlook for the day.  I don't get it.  

Domestic violence erupts next door, lots of hitting and slapping and yelling, I cautiously crawl out of the tent after several minutes to watch Jacob ripping the rain fly off their tent, their stuff thrown all over the place, Julie sniffling.  Jacob calls Romu and says dramatically "You gotta place for us on the next boat by chance?"  This means they are leaving.  


The fighting erupts again afterward though it stays verbal, out of the francophone flurry of phrases that pass between them, I probably understand about 25 favorite is "Stop playing your little whore".  We leave to go grocery shopping and when we come back they are gone, we are obviously relieved, we have no idea if they left together or separately in the end. 

Afterwards we are playing a card game, I have no luck and suddenly find my frustration at not being able to work and not having made any money despite having been here for a week mixing with my frustration at not being able to win at this annoying card game and I unleash a storm of whininess on Angela, she looks crestfallen.  I realize I am being annoying and I am never like this but somehow the dejected whiner voice keeps coming out of my mouth....eventually this tapers off.  The day gets better and we drink a bottle of local hard cider, hallelujah.

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