Silly Grins

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hiatus: Down, but not...

Not out.  Not now. 

 Just hit play.

The noise is for background while reading.

Recent conditions make it such that online activity is minimal for the next seven days. This blog had been set for auto-loading the 33 series, but the third group of six just weren't done on time. 

Unforeseen problems. 
Other deadlines to try and beat at the moment. 

As for the I-can't-believe--don't want to believe--what-I'm-hearing post, it's coming. Next. 

But not now. Not tonight. 

Gotta give my soul, if you call it that, a break... and maybe let the safe, ancient sounds and the simple images play back in my head. Like a continuous loop.

So, what's the score? Probably something like 0 - 2. 

Go on, get outta here. Nobody needs to watch this thing to the end, maybe wondering if it was just one person and whether or not they were trying to put some spin on the ball.


  1. my god, that is just so natsukashii.

    You obviously need a reboot though. Which is ok, we all do once in a while.

  2. Bigg: To be there now or even once in a while. Reboot...yeah.