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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sex & Rope...

Sex & Rope…

Sex life, or the lack thereof, can be a real bitch for some and a blessing for others.
We’re not concerned with the blessed.
We are concerned with curses and the cursed.

There are some things that we might think of as 'the hard facts of life' and be tempted to just leave them as they are. At the same time, there are people who will not shy away from taking a look at things that are not to their liking; there are people who dare look at how to change.

If you haven’t read the Sex Life post, you may be doing yourself a disservice by reading ahead. Then again, you might be saving yourself some time.

Either way, here goes…

Four-hundred-forty-eight (448) days after the everything-you-ever-thought-you-wanted-to-know-about-sex-but-would-bang-your-head-against-the-wall-if-you-didn’t-already-have-your-head-in-the-sand speech, some fearless and honorable smart-ass from a place calling itself "<3 Yen" posted something that had a very Logan’s Run ring to it:

Thirty-thousand-five-hundred-seventy-six (30,576) hours after the “Merry Christmas Mr. Charisma-san: Looks Like You ARE Fucked” post came out, there was a sign of hope when Stippy-dot-com posted their:

And finally, only what seemed like a painless two-million-sixty-seven-thousand-eight-hundred-forty (2,067,840) minute blink of an eye, the medicine-bomb was dropped and samurai-witch-doctor spoke. Her name is Reiko Saigo. She knows her vagina. 

"Her clients are all ladies!:
What surprised us more than anything else was to hear about her typical client. Diametrically opposite to our typical reader at, her typical sexless client is female! In fact 90% are. Before you ask to be introduced to these Japanese women (whom mostly are disappointed/desperate about their lack of a sex-life) let me tell you that their stories sound desperately similar..."
So, for those of you who want to take a look, here is THE LINK.

(Orchid64 and someone posting by the name of Chris already visited Stippy's site on November of 2010, so this really isn’t news to them) 

In the article, a big swinging dick who goes by the name of Adam Tokunaga (アダム徳永) is mentioned.  Remind you of anyone?

For anyone looking for something less flaccid than a rope, ladies, you know where to look. 

And don't be shy. You won't be judged by the length of your comments.

Anyway, that's it for this post.  


  1. I was expecting Chris to be Chris, but it seems not. Slightly disappointed. Is my comment long enough to be judged by its length?

  2. Bigg: Regardless of the length, your comment is...well, Bigg. Thanks for stopping by. Next post woulda' been in and done, but having trouble with a sound file...(working on it).

  3. Nah, wasn't me.

    I can say that there are A LOT of Japanese girls who are 25+ and still virgins and they have resigned themselves to being so forever. I'm not into virgins for specific reasons but even if I was they have become mentally beyond saving almost. Just a giant pinyata of pent up complexes and worries and frustrations waiting to bust thanks...I'll pass on that!

  4. Salarymen don't have time for sex... with their wives. I've got the point where if I go on a date or even teaching private lesson, I don't go anywhere private (ie. karaoke, izakaya with private rooms etc) because it's so much bother dealing with them.

  5. Chris: On a side note, the Mrs. and I were just talking about a number of things. "Pure" is what came up with regard to the "Badboy" - his training via approaching and complimenting women without worrying about any feedback (re:confidence training along the Waikiki promenade). Later, the late-in-the day beach patrolling... the ability to see... it came down to something the wife brought up... "ignoring" or "indifference" is perhaps the worst thing in the world. "Pure" people don't do (or tend not to) do that. The wife said, "Pure, like Mother Theresa." Um...about that fire, I think I'm going to step away from the circle for a minute and collect some more wood.

  6. Kathrynoh: That's a huge part of the 'wonderful Japan' that a lot of people (men) just don't see. So many 'incidents' go unreported. Thanks for reminding I rarely go out. (Scribbles in metal note-book, dog-ears the page, grabs a high-liner, and a post-it) No. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Regards.

  7. Ha, I think it's men everywhere... they are going to try it on, aren't they. I do find Japanese men strange though in that they go from being very proper to pouncing. Australian guys at least will test the waters a bit, see if there are any encouraging signs.

    I'm not sure if that's a cultural thing or just because they are operating in a second language.

    Btw I don't know a lot about Japanese women but I wonder if they'd be much more into sex if they didn't live in a society where the ideal image of feminity is to look and act like a cutesy 13 yo girl!

  8. kathrynoh: Maybe cute is nothing to be afraid of because its not really threatening. Beauty, on the other hand, is utterly devastating. Someone once told me that the young and beautiful are freaks of nature, while those who age gracefully are a works of art. (I still get a little nervous around cougars)