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Monday, June 20, 2011

Someone Else's Obervations

"Because it is clear that there are enormous differences between people, and it is clear that they can never really connect for very long before one or both has changed too much to maintain the connection, because what really happens is that they are each unfolding, and if the situation in which they are unfolding affects them positively, it allows them to grow like flowers toward the sun they each provide, but ultimately, they must each grow on their own paths, succumbing to differences that the initial attraction cannot overcome."

Written on December 20, 2001 by him (worth at least a skim to see how some people never stop thinking and doing).

Although his blog is no longer as active in some respects, I've enjoyed looking through it for inspiration. But quite frankly, when I try to see all that's going on, I'm dumbstruck. 
Kind of like Verity's short story, where the very last line brings it all together in a potentially very frightening way, frightening perhaps simply due to magnitude and intensity.

"I had a huge ah-hah on the way down from the lake, teaching Michael about which berries to eat and how to choose them.

It's about berry picking as a sacrament, as a direct connection between my being and the earth. It occurred to me that the very most important time I have lived may well be the time I've spent picking berries.

I can remember almost every occasion and many of the individual berries. I was totally overwhelmed that I could remember so much.

That's almost like remembering the individual ties on the railroad tracks on a trip from here to San Diego."

(August 14, 2000)


(Sorry about the initial yellow folks...still new at this 'blog' thing. That was not intentional..was just in hurry.)


  1. Things are always rising and falling ,joining and breaking, connecting and disconnecting. Things change for good and bad all the time. So slowly we don't notice it's happening until it's "happened"

  2. Yeah. And the voice inside my head is still trying to convince me that I'm more or less comfortable with this endless change...

    Back to something a little more solid for the next post. Another one of those,"Now way, did that really happen?" stories, but actually with a decent ending.

  3. Chris: The following post was not the "No way..." too little sleep does that to a person. My bad.