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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waking Up and Chasing Rabbits

Entheogenic...most of us don't know what that means until we "google it" or reach for our best friend, the dictionary, whether it be digital or analog.  Me? I've got plenty of friends, my best ones are usually weathered with age. They show history and usually got some good insights to share should I be patient enough to look. Not to say that the new and shiny ones are no good, they just seem to lack a bit of mileage, but not always.

So, where did that word come from and why put it here?
That's a good question. Should you care to know the answer, you're going to need to allow yourself a little mental space.

At this point, this particular blog is playing a minor part of 'being there' while some things happen, things that are both ugly and beautiful.  How is that you say? I'm not exactly sure, to be perfectly honest.

The word, the theme of this post (and thus the jumping off point for this discussion), the word is what someone put down in their profile under the heading of "Philosophy" and just next to religious views. The mind that put that there is rather extraordinary, in my humble opinion.  That mind played a part in helping me tip forward and be able to do things like simply pay attention to what I see around me. Funny thing is, he doesn't even know he helped me.  But I'll be sure to tell him when I get back, maybe make a special trip, while I'm on my own little epic home-journey.

My main point is, I would like to introduce to you something called the
Jux Ta Poises, an idea generator, the "Wake UP Call."

Allowing a certain amount of serendipity to work magic in life is something you might want to try. You might want to give it a shot and see what you think; it could be for you, but that's up for you to decide. 

This may not be the "rabbit hole" that Alice went down, but it could be a step, another way there.

Like anything, it is always good to pay attention to read everything, including the footnotes. It's all there for a reason. 
Now, if you'll excuse me, it's nearly a quarter-past-five and time for a walk and my morning chores. 


  1. I am freeing up the mental space for this. Hit me hard.

  2. Interesting site...will re-visit. Do you ever sleep??

  3. @Bigger, better, stronger, faster...gentlemen, we can...Whoa! Got carried away there. "Curious?" is hyper-linked (at least, I think that is the jargon) to a blog that explains itself. Just one click is all it takes, but it must be your choice.

    @Chris:Recently? Not really well. Must be the heat. But I must confess that, since starting a blog, falling asleep has been blissful. No longer restless. If I do not start pushing myself physically, staying asleep will be a challenge, at least that is what concerns me. Will try to put up a micro-post about this morning's adventure between waking up and eating breakfast. Because that's what it has been like, continually, over the past few days.

  4. ah, gotcha. Thanks for re-directing the digitally-blind.