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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Morning's Beach Walk Was Brough to You by...

 Summer Sucks

That's right!

Yes, it really does suck. In an assortment of ways. 

 (Mmmm....the choices are soothing and invigorating)

Summer is fun, but it's also frustrating. That is the time when the official season is just about to start. You can tell when the season is on by the debris the waves of mindless masses leave in their wake. Only, this year, the crowds seem to have gotten ahead of themselves...guess some folks are off their marks a little early. Is this what the gauge would measure as a 'positive low'? The forecast would indicate that ebb tide is not expected to be here till fall.

There was more refuse than just what was in the picture, spent fireworks, a can some boss left...  Whoever was there must have been reading this blog too,  because they were kind enough to leave a bag.  I hadn't actually planned on going down to the water this morning, but for some reason, I had this urge.  Guess there was a reason after all. 

What to do about it...that's the question. Chipping away bit by bit, beach walk by beach walk is fine, on a personal level. But there's got to be some way to turn this thing around, maybe change the current, if that is even possible. Either way, it promises to be a good workout.

On the way back home, while crossing over a gutter-guard (gotta be a technical word for this somewhere, but lack of time and  reluctance to hit the OCD switch are kind of keeping the author from looking it up right now), a rust-colored amphibian was spotted, presumably going through his daily ritual from which that legendary game was spawned. 

Iron Frog
By the time the mobile was out, a tiny victory had been achieved. No time to wait for the camera because apparently this was no game.

Upon getting home, the better half needed to know what was up with the grab-bag.  And she was pissed in the livid way (no, not at me this time). Wifey's comment was something that could be translated as, "What the heck are these kinds of people coming to the beach for?" You see, that fact such careless folks are actually able to enjoy the beach is beyond her; her view of the people who  perpetuate this irony has a barn-red tint to it. We are now currently in the process of coming up with a more developed and somewhat diplomatic policy.


There is an opportunity to actually do something with that coke-hue angry liquid tainting the system. I'll try to keep some in my mental hip flask for when I need a shot (limitations ya' know), for that edge when the furnace might need to be stoked. For now, slow burn. Slow and Steady. For now...gotta let the lesson of this morning's all too infrequent walking ritual sink in.

and patience.

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