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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Intermission...

Trying to read through blogs in a way to understand and get the full feel of a message is important to this reader. In getting more in the groove, so to speak, I've noticed that I do get more out of what people are saying when I simply press 'play' - something I realize I haven't done so nearly enough.

I've learned about Louis Farrakhan and discovered warm summers with Will Smith; the links have introduced me to people I never thought I'd have reason to meet. The interactivity of this 'blog' phenomenon is, how does one say, quite 'trippy'.

Still got a lot to learn and haven't burned out, not...quite...yet.
(This clip is only 17 seconds)

Two more posts to go on here before leveling off this blog...we hope.
I will be sure to pour libations this evening 
Evening libations before dancing the kind of dance 
Where nobody notices 
Through all of the sweat 
Sweat that could be tears

Intermission amended.... (updated just before 1:00 pm the next day)

Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal about the Mind
(George Lakoff)
"Cultural Categories and the Creation of Reality"

"Cultural categories are real and they are made real by human action. Governments are real. They exist. But they exist only because human beings conceived of them and have acted according to that conceptualization. In short, imaginative products of the human mind play an enormous role in the creation of reality. Trees and rocks may....blah, blah, blah....." (209)

Part of what happened last night included women, fire, and potential dangers....

Last Night, Under the Stars
No, she wasn't dangerous at all. 
But this could have been:
Potential Danger



  1. "Louis Farrakhan"

    I am the "White Devil" but he still speaks to me. You gotta see the forest thru the trees to get his message...I'm sure you know. He's a fucking genius. Racist bigoted loud mouth_____basher but...he's still a fucking genius.

  2. Yeah...I was blown away by the portion the video I was asked to fast-forward to...(memory says 6:47 -but that might be something else). He calls it like he sees it...and he sure sees a lot. I'm just not on with the idea of devils or angels as myths and legends they are all part of the same dysfunctional family anyway. Seeing him speak in person must be amazing.

  3. The last two photos are from last night's actual events.

  4. it is yet a little too early for this flame to burn out, I might want to add.

    All of a sudden you show up at this party, and without prior announcement, shoot for the stars. I, for one, am pretty hooked.

  5. Bigg: Thanks...the two posts have been sitting on my mind since this whole blogg adventure started. Only the first in a series of five (the first four of which were written in an afternoon) has been posted. But before that, for some strange reason, I've got two to post. The next is that piece of rope that was promised. And the 2nd is special. Gotta try to get them done and out tomorrow because next week is a bit of a pressure cooker. Thanks again for the input.