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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Falling into the Blue Hole

In reaction to comment recently made on a post by a much bigger person than I, my mind wandered, went over the faded tapes, so to speak.

The following borrowed visual representation, a metaphor of sorts, is my attempt to communicate what I am feeling now. Maybe you have already seen it.

The first time I saw the video, my Internet connection to the 'matrix' was fast enough, the screen just the right size, and the headphones were on. The first time I saw the video, I had a very strong feeling that seems to have come back now. Only now, I am still falling.

All I had to do was be patient.

If so inspired, let me know what you think, let me know if this does anything for you.

Maybe this is what happens when you take the red pill.

Part of me has become very still and is falling.

Enjoy your trip.


  1. Cool vid. The background music fits perfectly!

    I wanna go surfing...swimming...get in the freakin water.

  2. Chris: As always, thank you for your very focused, to the point, responses. All of your feedback has been very helpful.

    I too feel the need to get in the water and attempt to de-stress/unwind because I've been kind of on full-throttle since the first post, maybe ten days ago (no pressure, right?). The energy and focus I've gotten out of these last ten days has me doubting the value we assign to numbers...these last ten days are very different in value from any ten days I've had in a long time. But I also need to sleep (or something).

    (End of ramble)

    I'm actually trying to go somewhere with this and have a precise destination. After that, I feel I'll be able to comfortably maintain the mental momentum and put out blog posts on a steady (regular) basis, but that's not what is important.

    (A mental list of people to invite in to the trip, or whatever it is, is being made.
    More on that later... everything is relevant.If anything, it serves to verify what you and others seem to have been saying all along.)

  3. the music is rather nice. I want to know if you have tried holding your breath to the clip yet? and if so how did you do?
    ( lentil goes blue in the face)
    I try and swim and do yoga everyday. It makes me a nicer person.

  4. Hello, Weaver. Yes, the music is nice. Whoever put it together must have had a great time in their studio. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but the sound seemed to really communicate. And no, I have not actually tried holding my breath, but I did notice that I somehow forgot to breath during the experience. Makes you think whoever composed that really did know that they were doing on a number of level. (I need to swim everyday...that's on the short-list of good habits to form. No excuse, really. Yoga...I know a guy who has to do it everyday, and he's still hard to be around.)

  5. this video... (will replay later for music)... makes me kind of... sad. In a very relieving way. It is really about shedding a skin, leaving something behind.

  6. Bigg: Shedding skin...may have to think about that a bit more (if you are referring specifically to the video). Otherwise, yeah, it makes sense. Thanks for your input.

  7. yes, specifically to this video. That's what I felt. But maybe/probably that is because it exactly is what I am doing at this very moment.