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Monday, June 27, 2011

One More Thing...

Hard to be around people when you’ve got the feeling that you are just boring the shit out of them. Never been too good at dropping names other than those of holy men...for whatever reason, we leave 'blessed virgins' out of this; never know when you might need to throw one

But this isn’t an attempt to drop names. 
And no need to sound the 'whom alert'. 
No, no need indeed. 
Though,  these words are intended as eulogistic libations poured into the bottomlessness of that void that sometimes looks back

While committed to living in the Land of Harmony (the Land of Wa't the F**k?!), having access to familiar comforts is not always so easy. And despite the fact the author of this blog would rather be boasting about how life without television is so much more intense and interesting than life with, there have been times when he’s fallen off the wagon and imbibed from his flask of mental weaknesses, lest it overflow.

When a mind is starved for so long
Any treats it gets tend to taste extra special. 
Every morsel is 
So rich. 

He pours this post as his Jäger for Falk's Columbo. 

You see...

Playing the fool is easy…you don’t really have to do anything (just ask Pilate). People tend to fill in their own blanks pretty well, especially in a culture that has a complex habit of looking down on people presumed to be ‘guests' - voiceless people who aren't really understood as having a clue because they are really not there

Yeah, there always seems to be just one more thing


  1. "Playing the fool is easy…you don’t really have to do anything (just ask Pilate)."

    That seems to be a Religion around these parts...just "washing your hands" of any moral responsibility.

  2. Chris: Moral responsibility, I hear you on that. On that note, a correction to the reference is called for (there-just did it).

  3. Wicked...this is mind-blowing. When I read Pilate Dead, for the light reader, she appears to do her own thing, which she apparently does. She seems to let people make their assumptions and more or less make fools of themselves...but after reading the Cliffsnotes for the first time (and they do go deep), I am like...fu...damn. How did I miss that much? Still, Pilate Dead rocks. Anyway...