Silly Grins

Friday, June 1, 2012




  1. I like how you did that ! Originality on a post with drone worker bee pics and too short is life....very clever.

    Life is too short to be a mindless drone. That's how I'm gonna read it ;)

    1. A lot of people understandably focus on the pure writing aspect of blogs. You are definitely one of those people who can put together something with impact that goes beyond just the words.

      This blog medium is still trying to work itself out in terms of getting a feel for what it can do. Admittedly, I was looking for a drone while wanting to keep the 'be' part of 'bee' in order to make the sentence. Actual drone photos aren't that purty anyway.

      But whatever...

      I do understand that a lot of what I put up is probably three clicks beyond the attention span of most people who are just cruising through. One of my goals is to be able to present something that is interesting enough to get people to dig deeper while enjoying doing so (and maybe even think a little). Which is why your blog, despite having a strong shock-factor built into it, works for me.

      (All right... it's weekend. Time to finish coffee and tend to chores and family.)

  2. This is the kind of post structure......designed for the other level that will keep this blog in rotation after your done with it. I have done some things with messaging and everybody took it the exact wrong way.

    The attention span has been Twittered down to about ...nothing. The quality of blogs is very very poor.I am guilty of being terribly average sometimes but you motivate me to be better. Deeper. Not the next post but maaaaybe the next :)

    1. Thank you.

      You, terribly average? That wouldn't even be a debate, which is something you are apparently geared toward. Your average is terribly inspirational.

      This blog still has a few places to go yet. I still haven't had the kind of time needed to go through and interlink the ideas where everything is already connected up here (points to head). That time isn't ready... it may never actually get there. What is important is that the posts get done in a way that I choose.

      If I've somehow served the function of motivation, it's a place I've been in before. People have seen what I do and say things like, "I know I could do better than what he's got going on." Although that kind of motivation is unintentional, I still find satisfaction there. My nature is not so competitive, but I do learn a lot from people who are.

      Really though... 'going deep' is hard. Hard not to fall apart while somehow maintaining the ability to listen. Hard not to fall apart while using what seems like every ounce of energy to just stay together. And then a voice, out of nowhere, whispers something like, "You could just let go."

      Going into drone mode is easy in terms of not having to really think much about anything. Letting decisions in life be dictated by the ebb and flow of seemingly arbitrary and capricious social norms dictated by seasonal economics... that's a default mode I found myself trying hard to deny I was somehow drifting into. Yet, people do it every day.

      But there is that gift of recognition. The catalyst, the spark, the switch, the glass-smash, the defrost or maybe just sunlight... whatever it is, there's not a lot of it here in this culture. At least, not when following that mesmerizing ebb and flow of prescribed social norms. This is something that is looked at and talked about... but not everyone is on board with having such discussions (you seem to take a lot of flack for that).

      Bees...I actually do like bees. They taste like crab.