Silly Grins

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why not?

Doesn't it do this sometimes?


  1. It feels about like that I mean.
    Not a good thing for me. Statistically fine but lacking in engaging thoughts...just a volley of short quips. Twitter killed the blogger star.

    1. Feels like there's no rewind, it's gone too far. 'Rewritten by machine and new technology'.

      I ask myself, "Is tweeting is the white horse of the Internet?"

  2. Daily conversations have become nothing more than saying hello between two people and then immediately turning to their cellular device. While browsing Facebook and Twitter the conversation goes something like this:
    'Did you see what XXX posted on his Facebook'
    'Oh my god yes!'
    ***silence and cell phone fumbling***
    'What happened?'
    'XXX just tweeted a pic of a bear falling off of a tricycle'
    Joined laughter.

    I find the longest conversations I have are with myself to my blog :( And I have found that 'Instagram' type bloggers are now inundating blogging world with their 2 second attention span crap.

    Also I just added the R&G movies to my Netflix queue. Thanks for the vid :D

    1. The 'mind' who introduced me to R&G is an unforgettable who introduced me to 'The Accidental Satan'(#2 on the 'blog list') as well as many other things. An amazing and productive individual who seemed to take pleasure in deconstructing and reconstructing language. Hilarious and disturbing to be around. And quite willing to openly address the hypocrisy in his own faith in a way that generates interest, but not necessarily in faith.

      Conversations I've witnessed in this culture tend to be tense formalities, hesitant, and Tweet-like. People are busy, that is understood. However, when there's a chance to sit down and really communicate, that is special. To me anyway. I've been blown away a number of times.

      (But, in a lot of ways, I am starving)

      Read your long conversation with yourself on your blog has been something I can learn from.

      Thank you.

  3. Bah, its all of that micro aggression crap that is running rampant these days. what else was there before that plagued the earth?

    1. Mico-agged... had no idea in this age of 'Boing Boom Tschak'. I like to imagine that people twirled rope, told jokes, played spoons, bones, and bongos... but not too often.

      'Caveman - The Invention of Music'

  4. Gary Oldman and Tim Roth, so badass...