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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flow State

Neuroethics: Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

No, this is not a book review.

(Breathing slowly)

'Noninvasive' as opposed to what? Images come to mind, images anyone who has watched television or seen any movies can recall without having to put too much strain on their imagination.

For anyone who doesn't happen to 'get' the humor in the 
featured photo, be forewarned. Click [?]or leave it.


WARNING      Warned you ?War       WARNING


Primer. Promise. Peril. 

TMS and your friendly neuropsychiatric therapy provider has one of these, just waiting for you. A drug-free alternative to pharmaceutics. Locations nationwide.

(The Sky Chair)

Sessions in this celestial blue throne are 
a bit pricey for most...yet there appears 
to be at least one alternative.

Induction. Yes! kind of like some folks do 
to charge their cell phones.

As shown in photo from a blog regarding an article in Scientific American
(the ghetto version - a more down to earth alternative 
for those who might not be able to afford a piece of heaven)

There's something a lot deeper here that I'm trying to get to. And it's a thought that keeps coming up. Living in a noticeably controlled social environment where a majority of the people I interact with are invested in fitting into the system and excelling... living in a noticeably controlled environment contributes to a heightened sense of tension

Trying to outrun the tension through the faster, stronger, better (FSB) approach does very little in offering opportunities for release. 

An alternative is trying to dull the senses, usually a bottle at a time (BAAT). This approach is arguably as healthy as the first one.


F a s t e r! S t r o n g e r! B e t t e r!

The real cool part of Dr. Hamilton's's video at about 13:55-ish is where the slide come up showing:


TMS and tDCS have been
use to transiently 
improve cognition across 
multiple domains....
  •  Language
  • Learning and Memory
  • Spatial Attention
  • Problem-Solving
  • "Savant Skills" 
"It immediately made me think of all those language learning commercials... (Roy gets excited)... 'so, you wanna learn a new language, wear your thinking cap and...'"

High End User Approach
(Do Not Press Play unless you've got serious time on hand)


Brain Hacker 

Now, for what I got from all of this is the rainbow. Until this morning, I had no idea the 'flow' had a name.

And the gold at the end of the rainbow is the realization that I might have what is called an autotelic personality. Now, it has a name. And at least now I don't have to ask myself if it was worth blogging about because the process is already rewarding in and of itself. 

Next challenge is dealing with that sense of tension without risking burnout from FSB or going BAATy.


  1. Talk about a Military weapon. Train a Manchurian candidate into native fluency and the like and let the fucker infiltrate and destroy.
    I had a student tell me on friday that D.H.C in Japan is getting folks DNA and recommending if they are <Banana,Apple,Pear or Adam and Eve's...long story..anyway I said what do they do with the DNA profiles after they are done? Sell em' to life insurance companies so they can estimate your risk before you even know you have one? What's the diff with a company selling your email to spammers?...besides the MUCH higher profit for illicit DNA profiles.

    I hope the guy in the second video doesn't accidentally erase the Hard drive in his head.

    If there is a way to abuse what the guy in the top vid was lecturing it's surely already being done.

    **waves at military industrial complex**

    (then runs away)

    1. Well, there's already talk about cutting training time in half for a nuMber of sKills. In the name of efficiency, of course. Either way, bUdgets are bound to grow... if what those who speak iLl of the greaT bureaucRAcies is true.

      Mentioning of 'candidates' reminds me of some of the stuff that was said to have been carried out in the Harvard of Canada... a country where a lot used to get done.

      By the way, I am interested in even a condensed version of the long story...

      Which reminds me, maybe I should work on that malocculsion post.

  2. Speaking of MKU, Sirhan Sirhan was always a curious fellow.
    As bad as folks think America is now they were RUTHLESS in the 50's-70's in a really fucked up way that folks seem to forget.

    Imagine if they knew that germs were released in the Subways to study biological quickly we forget.

    Then again we killed our own President as recently as 1963 and that ......well.....we are the zombies they always dreamed of :(

    1. Putting recent history into a coherent narrative... don't know if it is ever going to happen other than in the form of being made available. I always wondered about 181 and what made her decide to vanish on her terms. Stories from no ones during that time... some wild stuff going on then. Now...I'd rather look at a book than the TV. But I'm worried that I find myself all too often staring into the screen in front of me.

  3. Autotelic personality sounds good. I think as we get older, most of us are kind of forced into having this kind of personality since we know the future's getting shorter and all that worry about it doesn't mean much if we've already lived half a lifetime...

    1. Hadn't thought of it that way till you mentioned it... the getting older part. Some people never stop to smell the roses while others never stop smelling roses, even after they, the roses are dead.

      (That last line was a rough translation of a P.V Jeltz inspired 'poem' - a piece that fortunately loses a lot of it's potency in this language)