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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plato's Portable Cave

"How much time do you spend online?"

"I'm jacked in every day."

"Which of the four do you use [IT] for?"

"If you're talking about the primary four uses of technology, I can't quite recall what they are. However, I will walk this wire without the Net. Imperfect, but here goes:

  1. Enhance physical attributes such as vision, sound, mobility. Vision is seeing better, in the dark perhaps, and more than just what is normally available withing the rgb bandwidth. Hear more, tune in, tune out, and manipulate matter with waves that cannot be heard. Mobility helps us move faster, with more accuracy and strength as well as support.
  2. Enhance memory. With the devices, not only can I verify my recollections of what was on screens, paper, and airwaves... not only can memories be verified, I can also 'tune in' to witness the state of current dialogue on various levels. Collective history is unfolding, a double edged sword in some ways, while a plow shear in others. 
  3. Network. Social networks are the lifeline for those of us in the 'modern tribe' who have isolated ourselves. We communicate through shared cultural references and create new ones. 
  4. Entertainment. Video games are something I stay away from for a reason. Learned early via Cyan when they made the jump through Myst. That color blue that I struggle so hard to remember, but cannot quite recall. The color with a name that can only be understood when spoken."
"You do not appear to have recalled the initial four correctly. Not matter, you are on every day. Don't you think that is not healthy?"

"In terms of what access to the information has given me in terms of ideas through various taxonomy, names, discussion, visuals, connections... my actual reality, when I'm not 'plugged in', is enhanced. 

Ironically, I'm living less in my head and more in the 'real world' and thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. But, sometimes, and rightly so, it is scary as hell."

"Could you clarify?"

"Yes. I will clarify. When reading anything or listening to anyone, there is a habit I have of attempting to understand what is being communicated. In order to do that, absorb the information (though recall is often a bitch), in order to comprehend the message, binary thinking is pretty much discarded. Any grammar 'mistakes' or what the more rigid usually perceive as 'errors' are not an issue. My 'self' is pretty much lost at that point while making the jump to comprehension."

"And losing yourself is scary..." 

"No. The scary part is coming back, finding myself. And asking that question." 

"Which is?"

"Door number one, door number two, or door number three?"

"So, which is it? 

"Definitely not door number 1. Door number two is nice because of the humor. But door number three... it would have to be."  

"Only the first 25 seconds...

His shaking, the movement, I understood it, the very first time I heard it. 

(Never the same as the first time)

The very first time I heard it. In a rusty car, near the blue, on the way to Lahaina.  


And the never-ending fear of repeating myself (which I do). Why say it again... 

And I do say to myself, " god, what have I done?"

Dave's early life, support of cycling, and his view are fascinating...


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  1. "And you may find yourself, in another part of the world..."