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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Natural Born Coincidence

To decode as you read:
1) Click first link
2) Go to 47 seconds in the first video
3) Click the second link
4) Do the Youtube search
6) Skip the 'universe video'(for now)
7) Skip the optional Tangerine Dream link 
8) Click 'The Soldier' and let it play to 1:30
9) Click the last link and the link within
10) Now, if you click the 'universe video', the title will tie it all together.  

Ready, set, go...

Coincidences. Happen all the time.
Like that man on the bed.

No, that is not a man.  That is not a man on a bed. That is not a man on a bed like the one at the bottom of this post that is safely written off as a massive coincidence

(The man on the bed shows up at 47-ish seconds in)

And the lightening from this post... 

Yes, this is lightening.
(No, the lightening has no breasts and is not sitting on a bed) 

The lightening shows up on Youtube if you look for :

Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure (Complete) 

RichieFZ's channels is interesting. His 'Synaesthesia - Consciousness' video will make teaching the kids about the solar system and beyond all the more interesting. 

 (Too long to watch unless...)

Which is just another one of those 'coincidences'. That seems to happen a lot these days.  

Tangerine Dream... remember hearing their name and not really realizing how connected to everything they are.  My link was from watching the following clip today:

At 1:30 in the opening credits:

Music Composed and Performed by Tangerine Dream

Simple curiosity about Tangerine Dream, because of how the credits caught my attention, led me to Youtube to find their music and two clicks later, I saw the lightening. 

Just a coincidence. But pretty neat. 

For the coincidence in the final part that 'ties is all together' for this piece, you could go here and press play (either before or after you read or merely scan the article). The universe just got bigger.



  1. LOL@ Wishful thinking :)

    Noted the connection between Tangerine dream and "This is Spinal Tap" on the Wiki.

    The reactable performance is one of the coolest things I've seen since seeing "Blue man group" before they were famous and had just one original team. They were amazing at tying in and tying up the audio and visual reception of the human mind.

    Magical manipulation!

    I was unable to view the link titled "this post"

    1. "This post" is having a bit of technical difficulties for some odd reason (damn... scratches head, kicks the box a few times).

      As our aim is to provide something worth spending time looking at, even if briefly, your input is highly valued.

      The Blue Men... first time I saw them, it was incredible if even only through the Youtube. I was planning on taking a special vacation into the mega-city (Tokyo) just to see them with the family (screw Dizzyland). The quake changed that.

      There are a few artists who will tie in their art where people walk around it, touch it, speak from inside it... there are a few artists who design stuff like this that few people are actually aware of how they are participating in a way that 'fits in'. Kind of like a sense of humor where not everyone 'gets it' - which is okay. You kind of have to be there to understand.


      Thank you.

    2. I saw Blue Man Group at the Luxor hotel in Vegas and it was ....a cosmic mind fuck..WOW!!

      I almost skipped it and thank God I didn't.

  2. I have to say, I prefer your picture to mine. Though I've got so used to clicking past the 'adults only' warning that seeing something even mildly titillating was something of a shock. In a good way though.

    Coincidences sometimes just happen. But sometimes they're fairly predictable. The more interconnected we all become, the more it becomes apparent that genuine creativity and novelty are pretty rare. Makes you want to scream.

    1. To a starving man, even the tiniest morsel can be a banquet. She is cat-walk thin.

      As for wanting to scream...

      A sound engineers once told me a story about a piece he recorded for a oreN eD film that sits on the shelf somewhere. To record the scream, the crew of two (think it was two) went out to visit a lady who raised rabbits. They held up their microphone (there's probably some cool tech-sounding shop-talk word for it), they held up the mic and the lady pulled away a tic.

      The rabbit yelped. Cowgirl read the faces on the guys and said, "No, ya'll just wait." Then she put some alcohol on a swab to clean the bite and it was a whole 'nuther ball game.

      "Boy, you should have heard that thing scream.!"

      In a movie, that sits on a shelf somewhere, there is a scene where a young woman with a mental disorder screams. Her scream is part rabbit layered over some other stuff. So the story goes.

      Predictability... predictability is close to stability in my book. People just seem to run on different cycles. I'm probably far more predictable than I'll ever know (unless someone points it out).

      Novelty... there does seem to be a value placed on that which is 'new' or 'different'. This blog is not attempting to be either. A lot of what gets put up is recycled from what happens to be laying around.

      I can see how people do want to get attention with blogs and have seen how they go about getting it. Pretty cool if you ask me.

      This little blog has no intention of being 'big' or noticed for newness or novelty.

      I am genuinely interested in seeing what people are doing. And I do enjoy visiting your blog. There's a lot of creativity there. Fun. Intelligent. Absurd. What you are up to, exactly, other than practicing keeping your sanity, is not yet evident (to me anyway). I do see it as your testing ground for something else (though I could be wrong).

      The real world is far more bizarre and much scarier than the fiction. And as the hour grows late, my focus is blurring.

      To end the ramble:

      "Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”-Stephen King


  3. I skipped this post because of the boobs... not because I fear them for I own my own set. But I like to read blogs during my lunch break (I work for a school, so no boobs allowed). Today I went out for lunch and I am glad I came back to this post. Thank you SOOO much for sharing Tangerine Dream. I am sure I have heard them but not paid attention to who I am hearing. It is now my afternoon music for building network accounts. Glad I came back after a few walk bys to read this post.

    1. Tangerine Dream was mentioned by the fellow who went to France for a while and ended up spending 33 days on an island selling ice-cream and trying not to go completely insane. He was (and probably still is) tuned into all kinds of stuff. An overload, stack-dump, yet completely coherent person. His first fifteen days have been relayed through this blog. The last half of the story will probably be posted later this summer.

      The 'adult' content... will try to be more discreet. Maybe.

    2. Is the blogger the one mentioned in this post? If so I think I will have to check him out. If not do you mind sharing the blog so I may take a peek?

    3. I think this answers your question.

      There is a post in this blog with the title "Three Punches to the Face: Immigration en France" - it is pretty long, but a good read from Mr. Coherent. After that, one of the letters he sent about his 33 days on an island selling ice-cream has been broken up into a day-by-day account. A quick search of this blog, starting with "33 Days: Prologue" is a good place to start.