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Friday, October 5, 2012

Loophole Drugs: Crazy Daze

After reading the headline, 

I got excited. 

Then I thought for a minute... 

And thought for another minute...or so.

And kept thinking....

 And tried to remember...

And then did (sort of).

And now, this.  

Oh well. 

I used to think Canadian's were uptight...


  1. Japan is really strict when it comes to drugs, damn! Over here, if you are carrying below a certain amount, you don't even get a slap on the wrist. I don't think I would trust most types of these backdoor drugs after looking at the picture of the homeless man with the face eaten off by his buddy on bath salts.

    1. I actually linked my blog post with the picture of that below :p NASTY!

    2. Yeah, Japan is really 'strict' in a sense, though 'shabu' seems to be readily available.

      Getting caught with drugs while foreign is almost a sure way of really screwing oneself over for a few years here. That's why I don't touch anything. And I sure as hell don't want anyone using a catheter to get a sample (rumor has it they'll do that to the crazies somewhere in Tokyo).

      Hopefully the munchies incident can be exploited for decriminalization of the real stuff.


  2. The second picture was originally reported as the outcome of the use of bathsalts (spice). Later it was reported that the man using the bathsalts did not test positive for anything other than marijuana. Bathsalts are not something that is easy to test for from what I have read. So I am sure they used the positive test for MJ to help aide in the MJ smear campaign. Cause you know, 'WAR ON DRUGS' blabla. Any way link below. Also I dunno if I mentioned it but my hubs brother in law went crazy and shot up his parents... bathsalts. Serious, no joke.

    1. Saw it... the picture on your post. For some reason, I was grossed-out for days at the idea of the human centipede. Even though I remember thinking about zombies, kind of like what you mention in your post, the idea of someone getting high and chewing a person's face off seemed far-fetched. Then again, I might be living in a bubble, a very thin bubble.

      Legalizing pee-oh-tee (mul, motah, ganj, mo) on a federal level in that they stop busting people for growing it, legalizing it (like Peter Tosh's song) would hopefully let people do their own thing. Unfortunately, the 'language' of legalization (or decriminalization) could lead to some very convoluted interpretations of what is okay and what isn't. Like it matters...

      The 'War on Drug' is the perfect war 'cause it can't be won.