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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Retraction, retraction, can't get no satisfaction.


Men's room  

Same men's room, two urinals to the left

Vernacular expression: Invitation to a 'smackdown'

So, yeah, this is one of those places where you are supposed to click 'Yes, I understand and agree' or something like that. If people usually have to put in an extra click, they usually want to see something for their efforts, maybe something 'dirty' or even a bit 'rude'. 

Maybe I've got a weak stomach or something, but this shit makes me sick. And, at the same time, like after a good chunda, it feels kinda good to know that some of this shit is getting sorted out.

Recently, magic tricks, shell games, short-changing...these kinds of things have been serving as major distractions. Part of the reason for looking at how people cheat (on all kinds of stuff) is one way of making sure that I don't get cheated... more than a couple of times.

But what really makes a stomach churn is when doing a  quick-search for "fraud in Japan" and finding something like this.  

Having lived in small towns, getting attuned to seeing what goes on is not that difficult.  Having access to the Internet and an instinctive distaste for that which don't smell too good...



  1. Have you read up on Takafumi Horie? What happened to him shows why most people here don't even want to think of rocking the boat...

    1. Other than headlines and maybe a news article or two, no, I have not read up on Horie. 'Rocking the boat'- sometimes it's hard to remember that simply asking questions can get a person thrown overboard. Glad I ain't one of the crew.

  2. I never understood why dudes paint big ol cocks or gay/homophobic slurs all over the damn place. I either need to pee really bad or just want to relax. I don't want to see that. They should have a 10 year jail sentence for that.

    1. Reading material would have been much better, but that's basically all there was. The coat of paint beneath the 'art' was relatively fresh, so there will probably be more in the near future. Pictures were taken in a public restroom near a park while no people were around. Wouldn't want anyone wondering what business I've got taking pictures with a cell phone in the bathroom.

      I'll probably get arrested some day and sentenced to at least ten years.

  3. Your first link reminded me of this news story:

    She put people away that weren't meant to be put away... and now through a legal loophole they are releasing people who shouldn't be released but she touched their lab data so they get away scott free now.

    Also if you really wanna depress yourself there was recent news of a lab tech stealing pain meds in syringes, swapping the meds with saline and contracting hep c to over 30 people.

    Sick shit!

    1. While there are people who are pretty easy to read in terms of giving off that 'messed up' vibe, sometimes there are folks who go far beyond what an 'more honest' person could imagine due to being pathological or addicted.

      Have read both of those stories and heard similar ones, but where fewer people were hurt. Nothing serial. If I can somehow beat the deadline, there's a story or two that might make it to this blog. We'll see.