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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Every Minute

Every minute...

Part I & II

Part I
"Gaijin clown."

"Huh? What?"

"'Gaijin clown'... I googled it to see what kind of images would pop up and this what happens."


"So,the first six or seven pictures across the top show Mr.James. McD's pretty much 'nailing it' - on of the layers of the ugly truth about this place."

"That's nothing new. It's already been discussed to death. Why bother?"

"Well, considering the other day's post, even if you haven't read itthere are a few things here worth looking at."

"Such as?"

"If you look back up at the result from the gaijin clown google search results, there is a picture at the top, second from the right, that pretty much pegs it. The caption under the photo reads: 

They think [we] were clowns a lot of the time anyway!!

"You want me to click the link?"

"No need. It's just there to give credit where it is deserved for the flavor in one of the layers of this le roil w/cheese."

"So, there's more to this post?"

"Oh yeah."

"Googling gaijin clown just like that (with no quotation marks) spits up the top screen shot. The shot happens to contain a few Easter egg kind of things that people may or may not catch, depending on resolution. But it doesn't really matter if people notice those or not; they are just a little extra flavor. The main thing is the association."


"Yeah, the free association. It kind of plays back into the previous post, which isn't necessary to read to get this one. Here, just try it. Look at the picture Amy took and give me three words." 

"Let's see, clowns...balloons...and....and..."



"Yeah, alien."

Part II
...there's a sucker born.

"Okay, so he's a foreigner in Japan, playing the clown. Nothing original yet."

"Hang on, we're about to blast off, go into orbit, reach out to a little of that final frontier while mixing things in with a bit of that big top three card monte." 

Hand of God

Tip of the iceberg

Big business



  1. This reminds me of a post that Chris made about teaching English in Japan. How he was there to teach English NOT dance around like a monkey clown like other English teachers so often do.

    Also I read the comment thread on the last post between you and Chris, I thought you MEANT to talk about The Mc Donalds clown while also discussing clown work in general. An unknown double entendre?

  2. That monkey-clown role is one that I am not fond of and not willing to play. Early on in the game here, I was invited to attend and participate in what I was told was going to be a UNICEF related presentation. As it turned out, I was the presentation. When I spoke to a foreign co-worker who'd also been roped into participating, he said he wouldn't be doing that again either (his Japanese was native-level, in part due to having spent his childhood in Japan). We'd been misled. It happens a lot.

    The double-entendres...they kind of have a mysterious life of their own, the way the pack a lot meaning into such a small space. I'm a little bit leery about even attempting to police their movement.


    In this post, maybe there are too many distractions. A Part I and Part II would have probably worked better. Let me think about it... okay, will do a quick edit.