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Monday, October 15, 2012

Heads or Tails?

Heads wins!

High fives to Dr. Nakayama Yamanaka.

Apparently this guy receiving a Nobel Prize is big news right now.
Time to pop open a few bottles and celebrate.
Just  be careful where you point those things.

Tales loses. 

Now, the second link is to the other side of the coin, *this guy. He appears to have fibbed (maybe just a little?).

What's kind of cool is how the highlighted link to Hisashi's exposure contains an explanation of what the other guy, Mr. Heads, did. A link within a link.

"induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells"

Oh, the 'veracity' of it all.

"I really hope Moriguchi did not do these transplants," he says. "That would be really disturbing."

Stay well. 


  1. The fuck up isn't nearly as big as them admitting it. If Nobel was nowhere near this I doubt they would have made quick with the apology if they ever gave one.
    Nobel makes folks wipe their ass faster.

    1. It takes something of Nobel proportions to get an admission. So much is loosely covered up here. And just about everything in the mass media is filtered if it hasn't been sterilized in the first place. I feel like I'm chasing my tail on this stuff... like maybe if I spin fast enough, I'll get some altitude.

      Either way, I see this place needing a lot of extra toilet paper for a cleanin' things.

  2. I just spent the better half of the morning reading from one link to another about stem cells, ips cell research and the knowledge IT FILLS ME!

    I've read a few blogs about Japan and admitting to lies and fucks ups is not something Japan is known for doing. It's sad to see that it takes an establishment like Nobel to have people come forward and apologize as they should have done in the first place.

    1. "Admitting to lies and fucks ups is not something Japan is known for doing."

      There's so much of that kind of stuff going on here, it's kind of amazing how it just seems to be ignored. That's something I experienced when I first came over. There were expatriates who would get quite upset when even talking about what's right in front of them. The non-admission bug must be contagious.

      Hopefully the blogs that at least mention the unsavory will help inoculate for this kind of blindness in people who are thinking of coming over.

      With information becoming more freely available, getting away fraud and covering things up becomes more difficult. Top-down Control doesn't like that, especially here.

      Definitely makes for an interesting ride...

  3. This guy got slapped hard in Korea...

  4. Yeah, I posted the link, but I guess it's not allowed in your comments. Thanks for putting it up.

    1. Pardon me for my ineptness in not even knowing how to allow linking in the comments. Will see about fixing promises though.

      But yeah, the cult of cloning was kind of let down when Hwang turned out to be less than honest about what he'd been up to. Sometimes we put too much faith in the peer review process or assume that it's been done when it hasn't. Imagine it can be a freakin' headache, but definitely worth the pains, especially around something like this.

      Spectacular, it is...what folks will do for/with money and fame.

  5. I think whats ridiculous is the entire EU being given the Nobel Peace Prize. Those people really do have their heads up their asses. Especially after those riots in Greece and France. but I guess if part of it is peaceful, then hell, we'll just give it them for the hell of it.

    I think it should be given to that lady in Myanmar who got released from house arrest or some unknown person in china who persevered when their family was being held hostage or some other legitimate deal.

    1. At times like this, I the Ig Nobel Prizes are the ones that are a lot easier to look at. Karaoke, that's got to be one of the sharpest double-edged cultural swords shamelessly unleashed upon the mighty modern world. It's one of the only things that improves with alcohol.

      I don't really pay so much attention to Nobel Prizes, though I'm sure there are folks out there who would argue that we all should. These days, although it may not look like it judging by the nature of the posts, I'm trying to focus on what is around me, more or less.

      But I am glad to know the EU isn't slicing and dicing itself like it did about 100 years ago.

      Now excuse me while I go practice my favorite Carpenter's song.

    2. yeah but you get like $1m with the prize. If anyone needs that it's the EU!

    3. Ouch... that's gotta sting.

    4. Hey, You can come sing that over at the bar I go to. You just don't want to hear me when I get up to sing. Metal songs galore!