Silly Grins

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Quikie in Your Face

Cycling for roughly two hours with men who train for triatholons will give a person a decent workout.

But what's even harder to prepare for is the unexpected binge drinking of beer-ish fluids that takes place while sitting in the parking lot of the nearest convenience store.

So went the conversation.

(Marketing to sexless herbivores of either gender doesn't require such a Kingly approach)

And it's kind of surprising how no one drowns afterwords at the hot springs. How some people can continuously abuse their bodies on a regular basis and not fear having to 'pay the piper' is beyond me.

The hard running crew also happens to love nature and enjoy savoring her treats. Which is why it came as no surprise that one of the hard runners, perhaps the spriest of the bunch, had bagged a not yet full-grown wild boar. Only, this time, he hadn't used a gun, like normal hunters tend to. He had sprinted and then kind of tackled it. 


  1. " How some people can continuously abuse their bodies on a regular basis and not fear having to 'pay the piper' is beyond me."

    Equal parts 'good' abuse and 'bad' abuse...

    I run 20 km, go drinking that night, and do another run the next day. Surprisingly, I get some of my best times on hangover days. AND, the runs cure the hangovers. Love it, love it.

    1. There has to be a polite word for a person who can "run 20 km, go drinking that night, and do another run the next day" and then set some best times. The only words that come to mind are 'freak' and 'mutant'...

      Working hard and playing hard is definitely a way to increase the odds of not suffering from a light stroke. Regardless of whether that's the smartest approach, it's sure got to be fun.

  2. "Beer-ish fluids" is one of the most concisely apt descriptions I've ever read. Good show, sir.

    1. Thank you.

      Libations, what gets drunk and gets us drunk... most of... most of what's in those little silvery cans in this land is a chemically brewed approximation of the real thing. Not quite good enough at first, but after a while, people get thirsty. Them shiny cans start a'lookin mighty fine. If'n folks can't make it 'emselves, they just gonna have to be happy with what they can get.

      Now, if you'll excuse me, nature calls.

  3. D&G see the Kingly approach as an eminent gang rape? I laughed, that was advertising genius.

    As far as working hard and paying hard.... I will say I pay a little harder than I used to. But I have no probs going out binge drinking on night and the following day running a 10k and swimming some laps after. Gets rid of the hangover that's for sure. You sweat it out like a mofo! Maybe it's because I make it a point to stay hydrated while partying and immediately after. Hmm come to think of it, I have a 10k in San Fran coming up. And as far as paying goes, I would rather foot the bill for some real beer than end up with a wine cooler hang over.

    1. Here, the only 'real' kind is the stuff you make. The chemical headaches are pretty bad in a wrong way and only from a can or two.

      A few years ago, I had a screwy schedule where I just worked. Not good. Needed to sweat more in order to not 'fall in low and suffer' - like in the song.

      Hangovers break my concentration, something I kind of need for the daily dealing with folks. Not staying tuned into the conversation would mean I wasn't doing what I get paid to do.

      Still, getting a little wild from time to time is part of life. At least, that's how I see it.