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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Loop or Fractal

This is how it happens. A person spends a number of days under pressure, little sleep, thoughts raging in several different directions. All the information starts to overload. 


something about paranoia.

A visit here, a visit the/res , and everywheres else… surfing blogthreads.

And then the shut down… yeah, that one.

Things are happening, but just what is happening is still kind of vague. Really? Something about paranoia. The jury is still out on this one... a real nail-biter. 

Wired Magazine mentions Open Source. What it can do. How it can work. With so many minds jacked in, online, exhausting what seems like all normal lines of inquiry, problems can be solved fairly quickly. Or so one might imagine.

No, I don’t think anyone is being watched. 

Not exactly. 

Just in case, all the files have been erased.

Monitored, maybe in the sense that we all are. Or at least represented, represented somewhere in that ever-expanding universe.

(Visual representation of the the Internet from the Opte Project.)

Most ideas… most ideas have been done before. 
And a few years ago at that.

Nineteen eighty-whenever...
Maybe six months before Sara Runs the Weasel. 

It all started while thinking about fractals and remembering something about the tessellations of Marjorie Rice. 

(Image 'borrowed' from Math Tourists)

The fractals were some way of visually sorting the comments in a thread, a thread stemming from a blog I had been reading, shortly before the red pill blue pill scene. The sensation was odd enough to where I could recall the very moment I thought I saw a pattern. After that, everything fell into place. Suddenly, patterns were literally everywhere. Always have been, but now they have names.

When Googling 'waves fractals' in images - this is what showed up: 

You can try looking it up with just 'wave fractal' and you'll get something similar. Kind of hard not to get distracted though.

Cycles and patterns. Maybe that's where all the thoughts are. With such a high value placed on the concept of wa so heavily tied to a vertical social order, the realities of the hierarchical existence here seem quite barren. Almost in a state of decay. Which brings the thought pattern right back to a 'look at the overlooked'.  

And, thankfully, there still is enough room for discussion while attempting to achieve internationalization in compliance with the rules.


  1. I wrote about and spent time about the Fukuoka Int Airport Dungeon (literally underground)...I guess they all have em'??

  2. Chris: I remembered what you wrote while reading the story about what may lie beneath.

    You got it pegged.

    She says, "Whatever happens in that room, show no reaction, no emotion, no surprise. No matter what you see, do not move."

    And Jack Thursby asks, "What will I see?"

    (Six-and-a-half minutes. There's a set of three clips, of which this is one. A surprisingly good movie. But I don't want to see it again. Hey, it's only fiction.)


  3. What lies beneath?

    Turtles all the way down, my friend. Turtles all the way down.

  4. I found a beautiful bird's nest under a pot I turned upside down in my new garden. Most unexpected.

  5. Those little discoveries are pretty nice. I imagine your garden is as a serene place.