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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Delirium: Beneath It All

Fiercely pounding, I can feel it all.

Borrowed from here.
Apparently the work of Michel Maidenberg.

Yeah, that hard. Where it comes in and how it connects.

Something like: That smarts, doesn't it? Getting slammed in the nose. Fucks you all up. You get that pain shootin' through your brain, your eyes fill up with water. That ain't any kind of fun, but what I have to offer you, that's as good as it's gonna get. And it won't ever get that good again.

(PS... fuck Hollywood... kids get hit all the time and it feels the same way.... only thing is, their bone don't necessarily break as easily, lack of mineral content or something like that. Pick 'em up by the neck and put them up against the wall, slam like, to show 'em who is boss and they'll learn to do what they're told. Call the cops? Yeah, your fucking home-phone. Bitch!) 

Only, as an adult, the shit that breaks cost money to have put back in place and the older you get, the longer it seems to take. Sort of.

Tonight's discussion reminds us that no matter how special or insignificant we feel we are that it doesn't matter.

Actually, it does. It does matter. Turtle-deep. All the way down.

You see, when you become a parent, you are someone's god. And if you still remember what it was like, way-back-when, you will stick around. And protect. By whatever means necessary.

As a blogger, I do admire those who've obviously had the right training during their upbringing to at least be skilled enough to be able to carry forward/through with their passion as writers. While it (the Internet) exists, it is a more-or-less forgivable medium, depending on your approach. There is still a lot of ground to be covered.

Okay, two borrowed. Let's leave this with one genuine. Here goes:

An anomaly.

While walking around in the 'winter' months, these kinds of critters should be quite rare. At least, that's what the locals seem to say. Wifey got a little bit 'aggro' on my ass for not bringing this little fella home. Wuz just hoping to spare him the drama.


"Turtles all the way down" has been attributed to several people, the most prominent being Stephen Hawking. He seems to think, according to uh mos' recent account, that "women are a complete mystery" or something to that effect.

Psst! Got a little anecdotal follow-up for that. Just a little truth that may still get someone burned at the stake. Give it a week, we'll get to it.


  1. Lucky for me the biggest punches (the ones with hard objects like fists) were not much more than having my face harshly shoved. The pain would come later. The fist from an angry girl was not enough to put me into temporary "shut down" but was enough to hurt really bad.

    1. To suffer the wrath of an angry girl... no envy there. Was talking with wifey the other day about domestic issues. Uncle Yo may have had scissors thrown at him once upon a time.

  2. I've heard the turtles used in so many places. As both a comment on the eternal infallibility of a monotheistic god, and to signify the infinite complexity of an ultimately random and uncaring universe. I find that oddly comforting.

    I'll have to get back to you on the rest.

  3. Turtles... my first stack of turtles was held up by a plain little guy named Mac.