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Monday, January 23, 2012

As It Is, Or Not

To actually observe the world as it is is the hardest part.

Observing the world as it is. That’s a theme which is particularly relevant to this culture of senior/junior-ship. And… and I’ve got this feeling that the nature of the relationship may be linked to how the majority professes to see things in order to go with the flow, score better on tests, and effectively have a better chance at winning that cultural lottery.

Personally, I don’t like to gamble; I’m uncomfortable with games.

Some would argue that going with the flow is easier than putting up resistance. Maybe that’s how kids get conditioned to accept that eyes are blue, even if they aren’t. Maybe because, as their lives flow along, outsiders are a momentary distraction. Or not.

As soon as a person starts wanting to step outside the box, that’s when things start to get a little funny

He may have taken the red pill. 

So how do people deal with being outside the box on this side of the pond? I tend to ask the artists, searching out the muses, asking the modern-day shaman who aren’t selling anything.

No, it ain’t always pretty.

So, what do some of the artists say, when they actually speak?  
"Slow down, breathe, and judge your world in terms of the scale that is within your grasp." Observe the world as it is, maybe.  In my mind, they are suggesting what can be described as a very horizontal approach to dealing with a vertical society. 

But, it's not about being happy. I suspect there's a lot of work that's gotta get done for that to happen. Or not.

Understanding anything seems, well, an endless struggle. Unless of course, you’d like to just go with the flow. 


  1. Never liked the "go with the flow". Had it said to me a lot right after the word "relax.." Never liked hearing that. I'll "relax" when I'm dead.
    I hope.

  2. For me, life's all about freedom. But, of course, I've made it about that. I believe people in this country believe they see everything as it really is. Of course, I believe they're the best example of people living in the f@#king matrix, but if they're content...

  3. The edited scene comes from THX 1138. I actually saw the movie on VHS well after Star Wars was out. Recently, I watched it again (on DVD), regular the first time through and then with Lucas commenting. He talks about his image of Japan in terms of conformity having had an impact on the film; there's a hell of a lot there. I felt it was well worth my time. A number of things he imagined at the time have more or less come to be...

    Anyway... nice to hear people are still talking about freedom.

  4. Ever get that feeling where you think you're being paid a compliment, but a small part of you suspects the complete opposite is true?

    Regardless, nothing wrong with going with the flow, provided your real destination lies downstream. If that's the case you're very lucky. Choosing your destination just because it lies downstream though, that's not lucky, just lazy.

    There's a lot to be said for seeking out alternatives, but I'm always a tad wary of people who do the different thing *just* because it's not what the 'sheeple' are doing. You're still basing your choices on the herd, even if that choice is to go in the other direction.

    Also, anyone using the word 'sheeple' in earnest deserves a slap.

    1. While imitation may be considered the highest form of praise, I understand that those who are being praised might not be so flattered. The post was intended as a compliment.

      Regardless, I don't think going with the flow is necessarily bad or good. Sometimes the current is just too strong for those who aren't prepared to swim for their lives, figuratively speaking.

      Knowing what the alternatives are can be crucial at times. In the particular case of this other island nation we are on, the educational system seems to do or have done a fairly thorough job at conditioning people to a degree that has folks seeing what isn't there. The hierarchy appears to work in strange ways, though there are people who are fairly decent at managing to somehow get by.
      Maybe it's just a matter of blending in and merely appearing to go with the flow.

      Sheeple...come to think of it, I don't think I've ever used the word... though a good slap in the face might do me right from time to time.


  5. Right, just read your reply and re-read my comment. I know you're no fan of smileys (with some justification) but if there was ever a post crying out for the 'don't worry, this isn't all that serious, my tongue is in my cheek' wink, it was mine.

    And I'm not saying that you need a slap either, far from it. I'd agree with all of what you've just written. I just have an, admittedly not always welcome, tendency to play devil's advocate. Quite often those people who are most vocal about their disdain for the mainstream are oblivious to the fact that their still defining themselves by it. Just like those idiots who'll always disagree with something just to see what happens. Some people, eh?


    1. Didn't think you were playing the DA nor saying that I need a slap upside the head, but a shot of something is good for keeping people like me from sleeping at the wheel. Going with the flow can be seductive and hypnotic.

      I'm no harm to anyone except myself, especially when my humor is misunderstood. Okay, maybe just now funny.


  6. Saw this and thought of you...