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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stay Hydrated

"People have got to remember how to stay hydrated...the comments are typical of discussions a person might hear living on 'The Rock.' Anyway..." 
Followed by a link to the days news:
14 children taken to hospital after collapsing during school athletics meet
Apparently, a number of kids were in somewhat serious condition. You can read the reactions under the article.
"So..." he thinks,"I should ask wifey what her opinion is." 
He reads the article to his wife. 
She casually replies,"City people are weak." He asks for a little more information. 
She raises an eyebrow, as if to get a better look at him and says, matter-of-factly, "They don't have the endurance. That's what they get from being reared in a way that doesn't expose them to nature, to the elements." 
The short translation would have read:
Wifey shrugs, “They’re wimps.”
To some people, that might seem a bit harsh. What went through his head was a mixed up scene, like from National Lampoon's European Vacation, except this time, a cross-dressed Predator delivers the line, "It's just a flesh-wound."

Question and answer: 
Him: So much for compassion in the land of Buddhism?

 Her: It’s complicated.

Him: Yes. It is. 

(Blog interrupt...mousetrap...need to take care of a few things...picture and post to follow)

Posthumously named "Ben"
Now, we're kind of wondering if we shouldn't have used traditional traps.  Downside is, in this heat, we'd only discover it by smell if we weren't using the cages. life must be a little different. 
Night y'all.



  1. Oh wow. How did I miss this post earlier when I made a catch up visit? Blogged about a mouse today. Perhaps I should go and add "inspired by Will"? I'm not very good at reading blogs diligently.

  2. Ben was the sequel to Willard, both from the same storyline. Not too sure I ever want to make time to see those movies ever again. 'Ben' was the name given out of respect to the talent that went into the Motown song that I remember hearing when the credits started to roll. We were so glad to hear that voice at the end of Ben, because without it we'd have been too scared to turn out the lights.
    Not need to tag your blog for Will's sake (it's just nice to read a comment).