Silly Grins

Friday, July 8, 2011


The following entry was inspired by the creepiness of Generic Jen's take on Chanel ads...

The Smells

Tonic-y smell of newly-cut barbershop hair 

Announcing the arrival of freshly shaven crony 

Ready to go out on the town at nightfall

 After the excruciation of boxed-in hours of karaoke

Enka for the damned just before

That smell love hotels carry 

 Jut to remind you of who is really on top

Before stale smoke confuses the senses 

That old but hopeful smell that insists it is fresh...

Can you smell it? 

Playfully, it was named:

“Oil of Oyaji”


  1. Oh god how I HATE....!!!HATE!!! that stuff.
    Ossan kusai!!
    There are a few things that make me want to commit assault and battery in this country and that is one of them.

  2. Might as well be called "Old Spice Japan version" :)

  3. Midway: Hate is a mighty strong word, but it sure seems mighty appropriate. Your comment made me laugh (with you).

    Chris: Used to think patchouli oil was a bad idea before coming here.

  4. I am glad I have no idea what we are talking about here.

  5. Bigg: I can see where a lot of what I've written can be rather confusing and maybe a bit, to borrow a word from Loco, cryptic. This theme for this post came from a number blogs I'd recently visited. Generic Jen's, Gaijinass, and SoulofJapan (or something like that). For the record, I'm straight, but not narrow.
    I can recall first hearing the actual term "Oil of Oyaji" from an acquaintance who is not a "breeder" (think that's one of the terms that has been used)... Finding decent aftershave here has been tough for me. I don't care for the chemicals. For a while there, I was making my own cologne out of really strong vodka, citrus peel, cinnamon sticks and some other stuff.

  6. "For a while there, I was making my own cologne out of really strong vodka, citrus peel, cinnamon sticks and some other stuff."

    I prefer Dolche and Gabanna's "Light Blue" but if you got some special potion for the lotion...:)

  7. Chris: I'm kind of cheap about certain stuff. Brands are something I have a problem with in general (idiosyncrasy issues). My one and only bottle of Egoiste, a gift, lasted forever. That would be something I might consider buying just for sake of nostalgia. But not in Japan.

  8. Generic: It...the name, right? You are more than welcome to use the moniker (but please not the stuff from the bottle!).