Silly Grins

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chuchichästli (intermission wind-down)

When someone wants to see you splash around in a puddle for their entertainment and the crowd that has gathered around ends up getting wet, I can empathize with their feeling of being drenched (but without feeling sorry).

Sometimes, if you pronounce a single word a little too well, people can become a bit uneasy, almost like they are worried. Sometimes not understanding a language is great. Other times, it's still okay.

The following is dedicated to 'Swiss Miss' - one of those almost forgotten chocolates in that box of life. 
It's all about heartbreak, which is funny. Really.

Wally: (This time it looks like He's got an olive in his martini) So...would you do it again?
Him: If I could, maybe.

W: (Raises eyebrow) 

H: Okay. Hell yes. But things like this you just don't go looking for. I mean, yeah, you go out and then they kind of just have to happen. You just kind of fall into it. She liked to smoke too...the nicotine must of kept her thoughts distracted.

W: (Almost distracted) Was she one of them?
H: Yeah, only none of her scars were visible (not like most of the others). Her stuff was internal, based on a hunger that she tried to keep at bay by doing that trick. She was probably never really able to see her reflection in the instant before saying her prayers. She'd excuse herself, go find a quiet sanctuary (the place of reflection), and then bow her head before the altar so she could let it all out...once she was able to slide her fingers far enough down her throat.

W: (Almost rhetorically...) Oh, why did you put yourself through this?

H: Maybe because it was somehow familiar.

W: (Thinking about olives...) Tell me something...don't you see the pattern here? 
H: Get lost! 

Maybe, now that they're all grown up,
he'll find some way to tell her

(But it probably won't get any laughs)