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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Pros and Cons of S&M

Teaching isn’t for everybody. Yeah, anybody can pretend to do it…for while anyway. 

There seems to come a time when people reach a point where they feel they’ve got to make a decision to move forward, maybe get back to the real world.

Last time I checked, it was all pretty damn real to me.

So, let us begin…

Once upon a time, a teacher had two students, Mr. S and Mr. M.
Today’s modest little tale of kinky adventure deals with Mr. M.


Oh, because he’s a masochist. 

And how do I know this?

Because he showed me. He showed me the pictures. All of them.

In the beginning, naughty Mr. M was unknowingly scorned by Number 8, wifey of so called Mr. Teacher.  This ‘student’, if he can be called that, despite seeming easygoing and almost clueless at times (think Odie), he turned out to be quite outstanding.

(This all ties in, the clueless-ness and teachin’, but you have to be a little patient)
You ever run a marathon?
Remember this number 4:40.

Big deal, right?

You ever try running a half-marathon uphill? Nothing…really?

Oh, so some of you have heard of trail running.  Congratulations. 
No, this isn’t about that, but we do go there first, just as a warm-up.


In early October of the past few years, there has been a race through the mountains where fools run along trails for a distance that measures a cunt-hair past the 70 km mark

Hadn’t someone died on this run just a few years ago?
For that answer, press HERE.

Mr. M started his run at 1:00 pm and finished at 10:19 am the next morning. That’s, what, 22 hrs 19 min? Close enough to twenty-four-hours of running, through the mountains, all night long.

Oh yeah, somehow forgot to mention that the first 22 km of the run were done without water because Mr. M had been a little careless, maybe due to all of the excitement of part of the dream coming true.

He had forgotten one of his only three water bottles.  Oops.  

This is still the warm-up. We’re not even halfway there yet.

After the run, Mr. M took a short nap, from 2 pm to 5 pm, then sat up with his running accomplice, and then drink pretty much non-stop and gorging on food until about midnight, after which he did manage to get a few hours sleep.

Normal people usually die at this point. Don’t they?

The next morning, he checked out of his hotel at 8 am so he could  have ample time to stroll around Tokyo and to geek-out on climbing gear displays somewhere in that urban jungle of concrete mountains.

Two weeks later he went on a breezy 9 km run, all up hill.

Hang on, we’re not really starting to hurt ourselves, not quite yet.
Only a mere two months after the initial trail run, Mr. M headed back up to Tokyo on his own,  through Qatar and finally touched down in Kenya. 


Hint: It’s about a mountain. The world’s highest freestanding mountain.

On the ride up from Nairobi, he did get to check out some pretty spectacular wildlife.

Crossing the boarder took a bit of patience, as it does for everyone except the Maasai,
who rightly do as they please.

The night before the hike up the mountain, Mr. M met with a half a dozen Swedish women who were in their twenties, also traveling the world…pumped to be out there, living that dream.  

To be continued...

(Honestly, I'd have done this in one post, but there are time constraints. May need to edit, but can do that later. Whatever...)




  1. I'm remembering 4:40.

    Trying to figure the meaning in that.

  2. hmmm... I will let your imaginary hand take mine to see where this journey is going to take us. Please be aware I am not very fond of heights, rather I'd run the savannas with the Maasai.

  3. Chris: This time it's just a number, but it definitely had meaning for the masochist.

    Bigg: This tale really is about that mountain and people who climb.