Silly Grins

Friday, May 31, 2013

'What's the right thing to do?'

 This is more than just a question about a knob.

 On and off...
And everything in-between.

“Unsettling our settled assumptions…”

The ability to step out of my comfort zone is something I cherish very much. I also understand that even considering the possibility can be seen as somewhat of a privilege.  And I am fully aware that my concept of ‘comfort’ is a lot further from what most people find palatable.  

 Very simple and reasonably cheap.
Usually not in the way people expect.

Although life often requires much more than a binary mindset, there are times, however discomforting, that afford no privilege of simply thinking. 

"Mr. Ashborn"

There may be moments when it must either be ‘turned on’ or it gets turned ‘off’ - in a permanent sense – where the idea of ‘fairness’ does not come into play at all. Sometimes it’s hard to keep this in mind. 


On or Off...there is no try.

And then there’s this.

Fuckit! I’m going outside.

And some people got buttons.

Industrial Strength


  1. Funny how in the macroscopic world, the turning of the dial gives a continuous brightness function in terms of how far one turns the dial, but in the quantum world the function is discrete and the changes occur in jumps from one value to the next... Don't know why I went on about that, though.

    I like that even if one gets the switch flipped on, the dial still determines the level of output. I turn my dial with coffee...

    1. Yer' talkin' luminosity or sumthin' like that.

      My takeaway is the dial/coffee connection. Waves of coffee. Oh yeah.

  2. I saw the knob and felt a happy shame. My uncle was handy and decided everything needed a knob. I stole the knobs and blamed it on my brother!!!! 3 TIMES! Maybe the knob stealing was another consciousness foreshadowing my issues with knobs and on/off switches.

    The fourth time epoxy was used to keep the knobs in place. The last panel though, I dunno why that's a thing. Maybe the twitch is for the fan? Our knobs could be depressed and turned.

    I have a hard time with off. Melatonin is my go to these days after a frightening time of 'zombie' night life on Ambien. On is easy for me... but for that extra zing in the morning to get me right: room temp glass of water with 2 tablespoons of raw honey and 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar.

    It's a wonder the mister has not filed for divorce yet.

    1. I guess if you've got something to be ashamed about, it might as well be the happy kind. Even better when there's a sibling to blame.

      My 'on' sometimes has people scratching their heads. Growing up, people thought I was high when I wasn't (though I might have wanted to be). Only recently, a decent night's sleep is somewhat of a challenge. Have a bottle of Calms I might break open. Too much time out of the comfort zone and everything becomes just a little more than irritating. Not a good sign.

      The honey and cider vinegar elixir - will have to try it.

    2. Sometimes people still wonder what I dabble in... when it is nothing more than the world around me.

    3. Half the people probably get it and at least smile while the other half look confused or even get angry.

  3. I could use a regulator knob sometimes.but I just got the switch. The blessing and the curse. I'm not complaining thoughIt's all worked out....for me anyway.

    1. You appear to be doing well with what you have.

    2. I think I shall push some buttons before hitting the switch :)