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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Faces of Grief

Really. Only two more to collect and that makes a set. It's just...not happening anytime soon. Maybe, a while from now, as some have suggested, with an increase in the general population of a more masculine culture, will there be any hope of getting to acceptance.

At least this can be understood as some kind of 'progress' or 'moving forward'.

This is the only way I can frame what I see at the moment in a good way.



    It's all I have left on this. Bravo.

    1. Crass. Really. That's what this place is. Those people here who cannot see that are - how do you say - 'affected'.

      At the party, when people act a little crazy after a few drinks, sure, it's acceptable. But when they pull down their pants and start doing really weird shit to the potted plats, like hell no one is going to notice.

      When I slapped this post together, I hadn't realized that Abe was posing in the 731 jet. Words escape me.

      Thank you.

  2. I think many different countries are experiencing this atm. Part of the difficulty is telling the difference between what's real and what isn't. The governments lie so much that it's near impossible to determine until the point of no return has crossed. I know several people over here that are in the denial and anger stages in general.

    1. Thank you for dropping the comment.
      I need to return the favor. Been kind of slowing down recently. May use the newer iPad to view your work since my hardware is roughly a decade old.

      Telling what's real and what isn't is part of critical thinking that, I believe, is not taught (shown?) to people. One way to get the point across about what might be real and what isn't is to look at how things are put together, kind of like Penn and Teller do when their boxes are transparent.

      Bad habits and addiction seem to make people react in predictable ways that can be managed. I'm not too sure governments/businesses are necessarily concerned with beliefs as much as with actions. Thinking about this stuff is a kind of distraction for me, and I'm not too sure I get much out of it. However, when I look at what's happening in front of me, the micro, the scale is something I can definitely relate to.

      Still, not getting distracted during the process is a challenge for me.

      Your profession/craft is one that deals specifically with visual elements in a way that most people are not really aware of. The lenses you use are very real, not just metaphors. In skilled hands, your equipment is very powerful. Not like this information is anything new to you.

      For some reason, I keep thinking about one of the beer photos you took.


  3. Good grief Charlie Brown!

    Also I checked Forbidden Zone and saw Elfman (2 of them even!) so now I gotta hunt it down and watch it.

    1. Yeah, two Elfmans. Brothers. Though a lot of Oingo Boingo is hard to listen to now (the electronic bits are too high for me), there was always something about the energy. Now, his soundtracks, I like reading his name when the credits roll.

      RIP King Fausto.

  4. I was still drunk when I woke up and pushed play on that vid. WTF? Brilliant, though... I would say it sums up the political show here nicely. Well chosen.

    I always say that, yes, politicians in all countries suck... but, in Asia, particularly in Japan, they tend to be absolute gutless cunts as well. An arsehole is an arsehole, but when he's cunty as well... Ugh...

    1. 'The show' least there is enough of a barrier that I don't get that cultural-ism all over me, even when I am drunk.

      "Absolute gutless"... I have never experienced anything during my time here to indicate that the majority of people in power positions in harmony land are not in it strictly for their own benefit.

      What has sickened me, is that the people with the actual skills to address and deal with the problems have sucked up to the power, practically deep-throating. As a former ALT, I have little respect for proud CIRs.

      Bim Bam Boom.