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Monday, May 20, 2013


And Priscilla-proud of it too. 

Unforgettable Sissy Felicia - remember?

Flaming Sissy Smith

Sort of.

You see, this inescapable Web 2.0-ish stuff is pretty damn funny.
Most often in a bizarre way that will reach out and touch you.

And it stings.

Especially when that proverbial eleven-year-old mind pimp-slaps you with her keyboard at more mental Mbps than your little DSL of an ego can handle.

 Let's plagiarize here for a minute.

S[*]SSYF[*]GHT turned the usual tropes of gaming upside-down. Everyone was forced to be a girl, and the game playfully encouraged backstabbing, flame wars, and a ruthless mob mentality.

Wunsuponatyme there was an idea that kept buggin' me and wanted to be blogged about. A little bit of sentimental stuff about the 'put down',  the 'backstab', 'hair-pulling' and mindless mob going mental on itself kind of spectacle.

What was alluring for me is that the ancient piece of hardware, virtually a dial-up... that slower piece of high tech I was using at the time could actually be used to 'play the game' - a game that was much, much more than point and click, click, click....

A lot of the social dynamics of the game were familiar when I stared reading blogs, just a little more than two years ago.

Only, the SiSSY-game, game of almighty games, clearly states what the objective is:

S[*]SSYF[*]GHT is a game of social interaction and psychological strategy. Every player starts with 10 self-esteem points, and your goal is to reduce the self-esteem of the other players. If there are one or two girls left at the end of a round, they win.

For a short while, it was a fun experience and I did considerably well at being a rotten little bitch.

However, I kept it clean. 

There was a moment I realized that some of the people deeply connected to their avatars were pretty ruthless...going at whoever was behind the screens.

Kids, just kids were divulging their personal information that only provided more ammunition for the other side. The other side? Yeah, effectively anyone else who happened to be playing.

Though the game might appear to be designed for children, there were young adults and college kids with more than enough time on their hands - clearly addictive types; they were already junkies.

"Some people are hungry, they just don't know what for..."

Getting laid in college, like in Japan, doesn't require much in terms of social skills. I can't imagine anything better than sex, 'cept maybe herione, so anyone who is hooked on the electronic box has issues.

While the dynamic medium of blogging can obviously take on a similar feel to the sissy arena, there's so much more that can be done through the collective that is mind-blowing.

People just seem to have this idea that the 'collective' is all warm and fuzzy. 

It ain't.

And  understanding boundaries is hella important. Not like it ever wasn't.

Beyond a certain point, there's part of something in the architecture of the educational boxes over here that functions more than simply inflicting imaginary paper cuts to a kids self-esteem. While obliviousness might seem like a temptation, for some of us, our concerns are grave.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some serious TEASING to do. 

"Is that you, Kamo?!"

(No mustache!)

Everybody who's ever commented here, you know...

Your just too good to be true...


  1. I have been going at 30% of the previous year which was 50% of my 1st. Every time you see the word "Expectation" you can be sure someone scribbled "Disappointment" on the back of it.

    **That's who sang that song!!**

    I thought Valli and the 4 seasons did it originally?

    Like you say..

    Whatever ;)

    1. Valli definitely did and the Boys Town Gang's cover version made it onto the soundtrack of one of Sissy Agent Smith's earlier 'performances'.

    2. PS

      Your recollection of the numbers reminds me of a countdown or a Fibonacci-like sequence of 8-5-3 (Golden Spiral?), but not quite. Still golden though.

      Countdowns... you've got your escape pod, which is nice to see.

      This blog got turned a little sideways and is technically on life-support until I can figure out what to do with the remaining not-quite-junk DNA.

      Thought I'd like to pour everything into nice little shot glasses, it may be better to just get a bucket.


  2. For a brief period, I entertained myself that way on Gaijin Pot and Dave's ESL Cafe, but it seemed that I just wasn't vicious enough...

  3. Some warm and fuzzy:

    Always a pleasure reading your posts and the interaction is much appreciated.

    Also sticks n stones... pretty good at the game; the words though, was much better with those. Mom told me early on not to play because I was very good.

  4. Just spent some time reading your step-mom post. Since I've had a couple of them, will definitely be returning the interaction. Though, maybe not quite at one-hundred words per minute.

    That clip.

    Pretty neat. Never knew they had such things as suburbs in them parts. Them Okies... pullin' at your heartstrings when you least 'spect it. Almost too good to be true... Will give that shot the benefit of the doubt while also mentally marking it for future recognition.

    You are probably one of the most thorough readers (and giftedly driven) when it comes to clicking through and connecting links on this blog. There are a few places I would like to clean up in that they offer too much general information when all I might have wanted to do was use a title or phrase. Maybe understanding these things is just intuitive for some people who, out of habit, don't mind crossword puzzles or understanding how things work.

    For me, too many puzzles don't make sense because they don't really follow any logic other than being a game of frustration with no real reward in the end. Cheap tricks. Education too easily fits into this model, particularly at the times when teachers have no qualms with bad instructions, trick questions, lies and humiliation. For all the 'bad' things mentioned here, I have fairly clear institutional memories and examples of each.

    Sticks, stones and words... I don't think bright kids ever need to grow up because most people act like children anyway; some are just better at hiding it than others. And getting away with it. Lots of practice. Yeah, lots of practice.


    1. I could say it's a thirst for knowledge... but it;s more like I get derailed easily and then have to research the derailment... and further become derailed. And end up reading about something completely unrelated by the end of my clicking adventures.

      And I get bored without having something interesting to find... so I guess I do have a thirst.

      "The knowledge it FILLS me!" - Gir

    2. Zim & Gir... I now have an idea of who/what they are thanks to YouTube. The short clips, sticking to the very short clips. "It is Neat."

  5. Replies
    1. Don't pretend you're not a naughty Duck, calling Patsy that. Poison Ivy... yes! Yes! Yes! So deliciously wicked.