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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

"The bunny has a foamy mouth! The bunny has a foamy moth! Ha ha. Ha ha."

While coloring eggs was fun - we did it as kids - there wasn't really much of a religious connection.  Not the way we lived. Which is kind of strange, come to think of it. Grandma used to make this really cool bunny rabbit cake that would rival the artistry of bento. At least, that's the way I remembered it till I got a little older. When I was a little older, the cakes didn't look so good anymore. Each year, they kind of seemed to loose more and more of their shape. Which kind of makes sense now that I think about it. As Grandma got older, she kind of started 'losing her focus' a little bit - least that's what the grownups were saying.

No, none of that religious kind of stuff. Even when Grandma died. Not that I got to go to her funeral, burial service, or whatever it's called. Come to think of it, haven't been to any blood-relatives funerals. Seen 'em dying, like Grandpa, but never buried or cremated. It's kind of like nobody sees any need for what 'might' go on afterword, since no one really believes in that stuff anyway. Which kind of explains the way they lived... lived without much of a religious connection other than hunting for eggs and baking severely misshapen cakes.

Well, can't  be thinking too much about holiday feasts right now. Though the idea refuses to just stay dead. All this flesh eating and blood drinking... maybe that's why we kind of stayed away from churches. These things have a habit of coming up every year.

No, not thinking about holiday gorge fests. 
Not since the cherry blossoms last week and the promise of all of the really fun 'embrace the new year' parties that are coming up because it's gonna be April on Monday.

I can hear January Q. Irontail's laughter now.

What's that? You don't know?

(no more than the first thirty seconds are recommended or suggested, really, the movie was a total flop)

Kind of hard to think about our Easter bird and how we'd fight over the pope's nose.
Guess there's a part of me that will never grow up.


  1. Easter's a strange holiday. We'd been raised on the idea that eating meat on Good Friday is like eating Jesus's flesh but after a google search found that isn't a widely held belief. But then the catholics believe that about regular communion anyway so it's all very confusing.

    1. According to a Mormon elder-like ex-missionary I once knew, capybara was considered safe to eat on Friday because is was a fish because it swam (maybe only on Fridays?). He taught me how to turn Jehovah's Witnesses away too, something like what Wiki answeres says - "Tell them you have been disfellowshipped for apostasy". He also told me about he Salamander Letters.

      All very confusing.

  2. I forget about Easter every year until it comes up, and that's only recently because I see something online... Religious connections or not, though, I do see the merit in having family get-togethers. Hope yours was nice.

    1. Family get-togethers... ours have been nice enough. No eggs though. Which might not be passing along the excitement of 'finding things' - which is such a major component for learning. Then again, that skill or drive that helps nurture a talent to find things that haven't been purposefully laid out is a whole 'nother ball game.

      Good memories.


    1. Firesticks and nightmares of getting plowed under. Can't recall if I saw it or read it first.

      Met Maia later, but never really got through her.

      Just about everyone and their dog used to raise rabbits in their backyard during a time when people would put up blackout curtains to prepare for possible air raids - WWII austerity measures for city-folk living near the West Coast, withing the exclusion zone.

      Rabbits can scream.

  4. Our household is an atheist one... however we did manage to get invited to 2 Easter gatherings. One of the gatherings was meant for kids (egg hunt and the like) but we were the only people there without kids. The other gathering was for a feast of ham for an empty-nester who thought we should thank god for the feast.

    Next year I intend on hiding out at home with beers and a Star Trek marathon. I felt awkward at a kid function without a kid and awkward being told I should thank god when I don't believe in imaginary friends anymore.

    I think I may be the only Mexican in my neighborhood who is not Catholic. And to make things even more interesting my mom and sister are JW's so I think the celebrate Passover not Easter.

    1. First mainstream Christian household I lived in, I don't think they ever asked me to attend church, nor do I think they would have prohibited me from going (I never went). Nice people.

      Thank god for not believing in imaginary friends... that's funny.

      Gut Yontiff.