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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lunch on the Go

Had this:


And couldn't help but noticed this:

Shot in the Terminal 

The place advertises itself as an authentic American style restaurant. So I looked up 'Paul Colin' and 'Bal Nègre' to understand what I was looking at. And spent some time learning more about her:

And if I ever do visit New York,  on my list of places to go will be Chez Josephine.
Possibly the closest I will ever be to visiting France in the near future.

Still, some things do baffle me:

Because the waiter did say they served 'Frech fries'.

Even thought the food was good, I'm not sure of everything else no one seemed to notice.

Maybe it's just me...


  1. WhY is tHe CapitALiZatioN aLL WonKY on thEIr WEbsiTE? Still not the most surreal part of the experience, though.

    Maybe the Frech [sic?] Fries are in honour of Mme. Baker? Because what could be more American that racist art-deco posters in French? A racist art-deco poster in French with a gun?

    1. The use of UpPeRCaSe and lOwEwErcAsE isn't as confusing as the first few lines on their website:
      "A restaurant-just like what you find in the West Coast".

      Given the context, I can't see any kind of business adorned with such posters, art-deco or otherwise, staying open long... at least not on the West Coast of the US. Unless by West Coast they mean Liverpool, but that might be a stretch.

  2. There's one in Yoyogi Uehara, close to where I live. I remember it being a decent place with decent food. It was summer, and two walls were opened up to the outside environment. Didn't pay attention to the decor, though.

    1. "A decent place with decent food..." Yeah, the burger was "the cornerstone of a nutritious [afternoon] breakfast" along with a tasty [alcoholic] beverage to wash it down. Then I looked up and kind of happened to notice the decor. Until then, I hadn't been paying attention.

  3. I would boycott the place based solely On ThIs CrAp ThAt PeOpLe do to think they are cool and I can't do it for too long without stabbing myself in the jugular. The only thing I hate more i2 wH3n P33p5 d0 di5 and spell like that... I am glad my brother got out of the habit... or is it that he just never sends me text messages anymore.

    Probably the latter.

    Anyways, the decor would have been something I photographed to show later. Speaking I gotta scan an interesting image that belonged to my hubs great-granny; when black face was Hollywood/Nursery Rhyme cute.

    1. Doing +h1s and sp3ll1ng like +hAT... the decor is something that was photographed for showing now (which is 'later').

      As far as boycotting goes, it wouldn't be fore the food - which was delicious by the way. Boycotting would be for the presentation of the company.

      Speaking of poor taste, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read a little more about a want add concerning some kind of hand job.