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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Liar and a Theif

"You say you don't steal?" 

"Yes, that's what I said."

"Now, that makes you a liar too."

"You are taking what I said out of context."

"Oh, am I? Look, you, like just about everyone else, you've got bootleg copies of your favorite songs, even stuff you don't really like."

"In that way, I'm like most other people I've met. While you're at it, you might as well include unaccredited photos I've 'borrowed' for the sake of 'teaching' or just providing an illustration of what I'm talking about in a conversation, post, or whatever." 


"Look, I understand that fences, locks, and barbed wire are to keep the honest people out. That I understand. And that was all I meant to say. I don't pick locks, but understanding how to do it, that it can and is done... there's nothing wrong with that, with understanding how things work."

"The way you talk, half the time someone might get the wrong impression."

"So, that might be a risk - by some stretch of the imagination. Seriously, I don't think so."

"You still lie!"

"I don't think I do. There are things I simply won't say. Call it laziness." 


"Yeah. Lazy logic. Instead of coming up with some intricate story that I'd have trouble remembering, I just stick to what's around me. What I see. What I hear. Calling it 'fiction' allows topics to get discussed without actually saying what they are."

"You're a thief, a liar, and a lazy coward."

"With all due respect, professionals are anything but lazy. Nor are they cowards. And, ironically, the higher up the economic food chain, the more suspect the bounty. Not that I am one to judge or ever participate in such lucrative ventures. I've got more than enough of everything. For lack of imagination, I can barely manage what's in front of me..."

"Phuleeze!" (rolls eyes and starts halfheartedly clawing at chest)

"Anyway, enough about me. You are..."

"No questions. You know the rules. I'm just doing my job by keeping up my end of the bargain."

"So, you're an advocate."

"You're asking me?!"

"No, simply making an observation."

"And kind of enjoying boring me to hell?"

"It doesn't take that much to get me to smile."


"Look, I'd help you with those chains. Thing is, they're not mine and I'm not about to burn any books."


  1. "... there's nothing wrong with that, with understanding how things work."

    Nothing wrong indeed. Getting one's head around a process, how things go from start to finish... it's a beautiful thing. It's certainly not the Devil in the details...

    1. "You may ask yourself, how do I work this?"

      A beautiful thing, from start to finish. So many questions. Same as it ever was.

    2. Talking Heads...nice :)

      If you try to help others take off their chains you may forget to take off your own...and some folks have those chains for a reason.....

    3. It was either that or "Hold tight...wait 'til the party's over" - not quite ready to go that far, not now, and hopefully not ever.

      Some folks have those chains for a reason... that's one I've had a habit of forgetting before running through a bit of nasty weather. Think I'm staring to learn. Maybe. Again.

  2. Though it would be interesting to see the movie adaptation done only because Abrams is doing it, I think I would much rather read the book about the heist.

    Maybe I shall do both and compare what the movie world makes for the drones.

    1. That would be fun to watch. Still, like you, I think the book would be much more absorbing.

      J.J. Abrams... wouldn't have recognized the name. About 'show business',isn't it peculiar how so many writers, producers, and crew just sort of grow up in environments where creativity and talent are nurtured.

      Drones tend to get fed a formula of Hollywood's own recipe that reminds me of those packages of fat, salt, and high-fructose corn syrup that can be packaged and sold as just about anything.

      Back to the heist. Were I closer to a better library, my reading would be Flawless.

  3. I had somebody remind me that I am a thief and a liar the other day. And then I responded "Yeah, and you forgot to say cheap too".

    1. Sounds like you might have broken someone's heart.

      I remember seeing some barbed wire once and being told matter-of-factly that fences, chains and locks are to keep 'honest' people out.

      "When people tell little lies and steal little stuff, the street law comes down hard. When people tell big lies and steal large stuff, big law protects." There's got to be a quote like that by somebody out there somewhere.