Silly Grins

Friday, December 7, 2012

Heaven and Hell

Several things are going through the mind at the moment.

Two are in a holding pattern:

"And the One?"

"The one just sort of fell out of the sky. Or maybe was shot down. Or struck. "

"Hmmm... Lightning."

"What's that?"

"Oh... nothing. Please, carry on."

"Sort of fell out of the sky and is on the ground. The one scene, the only scene I saw. Was the best. And I remembered that it was important. Somehow."

"Those conversations we have with ourselves. Like most of what happens in life. Occasionally, we meet 'another' and there's a connection. A realization. Seeing 'it' again, doesn't help to bring back that feeling of new territory, the discovery. "

"Why replay it then?"

"Seeing 'it' again... this one scene. She said 'She'..."

"Unfortunately, I think I've only seen the sequel." 

"And the other two?"

"The second one takes place in a hospital. The third... that's up next." 


  1. "that was Heaven Roy...."

    I think or imagine actors waiting their entire careers for a scene/lighting/famous actor with moment....and uttering lines like that.

    Fucking brilliant.


    1. You are welcome.

      Funny that was the only scene I happened to catch...and it may have been one of the best.

      Even taken totally out of context, it stands on its own.

  2. A hospital you say?!

    Is the 1930's She part of the two you posted above by chance?

    1. The 'She' you see, who must be obeyed, is from 1965. Spent a minute to find the one from the 30's... my, my, what a deliciously evil looking queen. When b movie-eque time rolls around again, those two are on my list.

    2. All time favorite B movie for me would have to be Flash Gordon, Savior of the Universe.

      Sometimes I sing the theme song, "He saved everyone of us!" immadork

  3. I often imagine myself in my old age sitting there on the porch of my house, somewhere away from the city, with a big front yard. An endless stream of sunny days, and I wait... wait for the only visitor who's ever likely to come. Then, one day I see him coming up the road toward my house, a slow but purposeful gait. And, when he turns to make his way up my driveway, I know that he is truly the last visitor I'll ever have. And, I smile...

    1. Nice.

      Being able to just sit on a porch somewhere, enjoying the sunshine. Doesn't happen so much in this neck of the woods. Not that anyone is nervous and stuff, jittery like.

      May you get plenty of time to wade in that endless stream of sun-filled days with a smile.