Silly Grins

Thursday, December 13, 2012


A hungry beast can get at your flock.

And if the creature has had a taste of blood, it will most certainly return until the last morsel has been devoured.

Traps can be fairly simple devices.

Some are meant to catch the target animal alive, while others are not.

Apparently Michael Crichton's Mousetrap was published in January of 1984.  An interesting piece.  He wrote it or was writing it and asked if it could be done. And it was like, "Well, what-do-you-know, it can."


With all of the technology flooding lives today, the games have changed so fast that misrepresentation, willfully malicious deception, and theft become all the more challenging.

Sort of.

The smarter the person thinks they are, the more likely something of an illicit nature is almost bound to occur. 

Sometimes, the simplest trap is the most effective.

People are funny. And careless. I know I am.



  1. Most men fall into the simplest man-trap of all... the vagina trap.


    Sorry couldn't help it. The Star Wars nerd in me comes out when the word trap is mentioned.

    Catching people for crimes committed on computers is an odd notion for me. It ranges from legit things like child porn and embezzling to things which I don't find necessarily TOO criminal like piracy.

    Crichton's science fictions runs congruous to life sometimes it's eerie. Andromeda Strain is one of my faves that he does; chilling. Scared the crap out of me when I was a kiddo (the film and book).

    1. 'Mousetrap' is a pretty cool short story I kind of mistakenly read while reading a series of short stories. What it all came down to was social engineering, kind of like the Defcon Wal-Mart hack this last August.

      'Eaters of the Dead' gets extra points for the way it is put together. Though Gardner first got me hooked on the idea with "The world is my bone-cave, I shall not want" and the allure of the abyss. For a while it was Mat Wagner's variations via a roommate's collection.

      Have never read 'Andromeda Strain', but don't think it would hurt if I did.

      But yeah, like you mentions, catching people for crimes on computers is kind of an odd notion.

  3. Magic Lantern, Project Carnivore...Stellar Wind...

    They are building a trap and they don't even know what they are trying to catch.

    Finding out what Will said in a mail in 2002 is possible if they want to. Like looking for a needle in a haystack without having ever seen a needle before...but it's in there. The internet is has been for a while. 1 big fat trap designed to......

  4. "They don't even know what they are trying to catch."

    The trap in the picture is 'old school'. A simple snare is even older. This thing is so huge and so vast that I don't think it even matters.


    "I don't hide anything. I'm open. If there is ever a time when 'they' come to get me, it won't matter. Because if the conversations I am having out in the open with everyone are of such a concern, it's already too late."

    Or something like that. My recall is not perfect, but the gist is there.

    What is important is that people keep talking and their voices are heard, part of the chorus. (So I think). To remain silent and not say what we see is dangerous. Letting ourselves be stagnated by fear is dangerous.

    Japan's not 'one big happy family', but why is it such a struggle when we say, "Hey, I was short changed," or "Hey, some girl's old man tried to do me in with a sword," or...

    Personally, I haven't had enough time and seen enough, but I'm getting close to the point where I can draw lines, connect the dots, in my own life to line up what has already been put into print and mass circulation. We can verify and reality check.

    Funny thing is, most people just don't care. Maybe it's like being asleep. Or too busy having to deal with what's in front of them (the people who don't care or aren't caring enough). Admittedly, I get tired too. But distracted?

    From of the major backbones is rumored to be on Folsom Street. Which is kind of funny in a way. Google it and the images are kinky.

    "The Internet is theirs..." to a point.

    My belief is that, for the most part, it doesn't matter. If any one group is allowed absolute power, anything can be used as an excuse to detain suspicious elements. That's why finding a voice (and using it!) is hella crucial to this whole thang.

    I will now step down from my soap box.

    I would be curious, some day, to listen in person, to hear how much I have missed. Cause there's a lot out there. Which isn't really anything knew. Except if you realize that you are ever in the presence of someone who can actually 'do the math'.

    The vagina is not a trap... it can't be!