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Friday, November 9, 2012

Yeah... We Got Issues

Look, it's nothing to be proud of, is it?

Taking the time to figure out what it all means, I'm sure there is other 'business' that needs tending to.

A while back, before all this happened, I got a quite a few visits from them about this

Al Alletzhauser isn't about to bother anyone ever again, like he apparently did when he wrote

The House
of Nomura:
The Inside Story of the World's Most Powerful Company

That's all old news anyway.  More than twenty years ago. Not like is has anything to do with what's going on today. Which, judging by a recent headline, ain't exactly bad considering the big picture. Eking out a mere $25 million in a quarter isn't necessarily bad under these circumstances, is it?

They'll be just fine. 

Updates to follow...


  1. Look ma!!! TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!

    Horse penis is 2 words ...real words...and you're #1 in the search world.

    Live...not spiders....Google folks visit my site often because of a Child Porn Pics titled post. The supposed complexity of their algorithms are not as complex as some would imagine.

    1. That kind of attention was a bit unexpected, but when the other place visited, I was even more surprised. And even a little confused.

      Just how well monitored is this country? That is my question. I'm guessing that monitoring is done fairly thoroughly in terms of filing and archiving information... despite a massive ineptness in terms of being able to think critically about what any of it means.

      We'll see what happens Monday.

  2. Google normally displays ten results per page, right? That means someone clicked through 79 pages of sex on trains to get to you.

    You're a lucky man, not everyone is deserving of that kind of effort.

    1. No idea how Google works... 79 pages sounds like a long way to go. 'Who Is' pointed to Cairo. Whatever that information is good for.

      Just hanging out, waiting to see if any hits come in from the securities firm.

  3. I actually Googled 'horse penis blog' expecting to find your blog for some odd reason appear on the first page of results. Nope. All sex stuff, so I am confused as to how Google works now. -_-
    Some of my top searches include muffin top and cameltoe.

    1. Google is probably just trying to win points with bloggers by getting them thinking they are #1.... just checked, without the quotation marks, and Google has me third from the top, just under a MySpace page with a Youtube vid at the top.

      Deep dark horse penis puts me at 2nd, just below Furry Comics and above Dark Horse.

      Cyberspace is an odd place for sure.