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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sometimes... You Just Gotta Pass It On


Dunno. Just recall seeing it in a small theater. Not too many people, but they sure cheered at all the right spots. And considering where I'm at right now, it seems like a good reminder. 

Reminder of what?

Can't remember... that's the funny part.

Got a feeling the next one is going to burn like hell.   

 Nov. 8
The following video is just something run across after looking at a short list of films Countryman is in. Henzell wrote and directed 'The Harder They Come'. For whoever.

At 2:10, he begins to explain a scene that came to him…

“’Why? Because he wrote a song that was playing on my car radio the night I asked my wife to marry me.’… It was the power of his music that saved his life.”  

Anyway... this should be the only update for this post. 


  1. I like to think I live a privileged life as I have been able to enjoy all of what they had. (I dunno about the fish but I know I have had fish!)

    The lady's mouth annoyed me.

    1. Yeah, her character gives off a certain vibe until she hits the right altitude.

      So many people can live privileged lives if they simply choose to.

      Just tripped across an interesting interview (interesting for me) with Perry Henzell, the thread being 'No Place Like Home'... Countryman is in it. Will link in a minute or two.

    2. I will have to take a peek at 'No Place Like Home' just checked out the synopsis on IMDB and sounds intriguing. Thanks for linking that interview.

    3. This past year someone from school days had posted a few pictures of a family trip to Jamaica where they stayed at a very posh resort. For the kids, there were even life-size Sesame Street characters walking around to pose with.

      I've never been a good tourist or interested in staying in hotels on 'vacation'. Although that might be good with some people, the rip-off factor never really appealed to me.

      Had I more time, I'd already have watched 'No Place Like Home'. Instead, it waits on the list for now.

    4. I can't possibly understand why people go on vacation just to stay in their posh hotel/resort rooms. The point of going someplace else is to experience that place, not sit in air conditioned comfort. Least that's how I feel about it. I happen to enjoy hostels and cheap ass hotel/motels because I only use them to sleep and shower.