Silly Grins

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Limping Origami

(Fast forward to 2:29, the press play and don't listen to him...)

Smack at ya’, change that and give me one.

Poopin’ Kitchen, more over Godzilla and hello sandwich

Kawaii Hawaii, Wet my noodle with hot sake

Your direction line to Japan

Grapefruit Girl, fowl flower

Axle grinding tweet tweet onsen addict

Big on my English,  Pleasure red rude boy bushed

Risky skydiving, this must be the palace

Porschedellic linking blood sites

Picky eaters snake file

E-mails from the eagle, got on

Your bi-polar Asian connection

Kind of fits a registered alien’s carnivorous wank in Japan.

Sleep Jake, tidy-o beyond the scholars

Epic take saving spam.

This comes from an over-exposure to some really bad lipreading and then looking at a blog list...

Earlier in the day, I had watched the following:

Personally, I preferred listening to his voice. Unfortunately, he appears to have given misleading information if the first clip is true, something I will attempt to verify tomorrow when I am less agitated. 

All said, the background music is somewhat alluring, and the man's voice is somehow reassuring even though the lemon need not be cut into pieces to get more juice. Fuck.



  1. When life hands you lemons, make a battery.

    Pure poetry between the vids in this post. Nice.

    1. Life sure hands people a lot of stuff. Am totally hooked on learning about all that stuff that was kind of skipped over. Even if I can't really be a kid again, I can sure be a father with kids.

      About the 'poetry' - it was either that or an attempt at "Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning".

      Just hope no one is anywhere near an airlock when the attempt to recite my free verse.

  2. I remember seeing this a few years ago. Not this video in particular, but just the fact that it can be done. I wish it could be used practically, but I think the size of the lemon that would be used would probably be as big as Hummer or a tank.

    1. After showing the kids that little experiment, Wifey was extra grumpier than usual about the added potential for disaster. She doesn't seem to get that since kids are walking disasters, going with the flow will make better stories to tell (if anyone survives).

      The videos remind me of your instructional photo sets.

  3. He says "bat-ree" I hate him now.

    We were discussing making batteries last night because of the recent storm Sandy. It's disturbing how integral power is to first world humans. So many people were dying to charge their phones because they couldn't tweet or Facebook.

    1. Have looked around here, just a little, for old diesel generators 'cuase they are supposed to be able to burn just about anything. We've got solar, but it is hooked up to the grid. And probably use too much electricity as it is.

      The beginning of the clip from the Sci-show dispels the 'we need more lemons' myth. Not because batteries on time travel devices would need more lemons, for Christ's sake, but because people believe more lemons add energy when it is actually an anode cathode thing. The man in the video at the bottom who says 'bat-ree', so his explanation may contribute to this misunderstanding. Mr. Bat-tree could argue that he doesn't state this specifically, only that you can make more batteries by cutting lemons up.

      Either way, in the end, we made a tiny diode light up without too much mess.