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Friday, July 20, 2012


Rainy season's supposed to let up some time soon. And until that time is over, the after-shower humidity can get on everyone's nerves, making people crabby, irritable, and just plain wishing no one wus ever born.

Occasionally, the clouds will break up just enough and light will shine through.
For us, that happened last weekend.

So, we celebrated. And it just so happened that one of our precious pods that has been growing in the garden... it hadn't been ravaged by the crows or carried away by the any of the red-assed monkeys that parkours across our roof from time to time. This year, our crop survived even though we still don't have a clue as to what we are doing.

Maybe all the noise coming from the house these last few months... maybe all that hate-fever, heat-induced screaming and shouting had scared 'em all away.

Yeah, we celebrated. Our melon spent the night in our fridge, chilling with a bunch of other goodies before time came to bring it out and slice it open. 


Simple pleasures bring back memories of hotter-than-hell summers past. The smell of tomato plants, the lazy sound of the pressure cooker pulling that sweet pork flavor up from the bottom and into those black-eyed peas. Okra, maybe some fried catfish, cornbread...

Sometimes you miss stuff that isn't there anymore, even if you were to go back.

So you take what's around you and do what you can with what you've got. And we've got plenty. Which is hard to see sometimes.  Wifey decided to give it a shot and pickle the melon's rinds by making up a recipe that included a little bit of soy sauce and some chili peppers. 

When we do stuff like this, is dawns on me that we are creating memories for our kids... memories that they may some day look back on. Maybe even looking for guidance.

And it kind of stuck me in the gut when I heard what had happened last night. When I'd gotten in from work, the kids were already asleep, so Wifey and I spent some time talking. Small talk, here and there, and then we went a little deep, but not for too long.

You see, when you talk about some stuff before going to bed, it can call up things from below that won't be satisfied till they've devoured your dreams and deprived you of your peaceful sleep.

Just before bedtime, they'd had the TV on, watching a nature show. Son had asked Mom a question. Mom had explained what is kind of happening around the world. Where things are headed and how much of a mess we are making of this place... and the outlook for the future.

The news had upset Son so much that he puked.


  1. Thats balls dude. I don't think I could imagine being a child and hearing about all of the bad stuff going on the world. Things like the gunman shooting up a movie theater for no reason in Colorado, and that shit going on in syria where their own leader is killing innocent civilians.

    Unimaginable from the point of view of an innocent.

    You should build an automated BB gun turret on your house that shoots the monkeys and crows if they get within a few feet of the watermelons.

    1. Just heard the details during today's PTA activity as Wifey was explain what happened to one of the other mothers. According to speech/presentation we saw just last weekend, kids aren't supposed to be moved by that kind of stuff because they supposedly aren't people yet... they are still developing. Or something like that.

      Kids are passed out at the moment and Wifey is at a party with the other hens having drinks, so I might put up another post since it's quiet an there's time.

      Either that or look for info for the turret. Our cameras already have motion sensors. Probably wouldn't be too difficult to set something up... would probably end up shooting myself in the ass or something... the footage would be Youtube worthy. That or end up taking out one of the neighbors due to screwing up the calibration. Would make a good 'how not to' video.

      Will work on the next post for now...

  2. "So you take what's around you and do what you can with what you've got."

    Exactly. I made some killer salsa this week ;)

    I'm not a parent, but I can imagine how much they agonize over how much truth to spill to their kids. But, kind of sad to hear that the boy was given so much truth he puked.

    Good luck with the kids and the crops.

    1. I can remember being a kid around adults who didn't seem to care so much about filtering reality. Fair enough. But I can't help but notice how, when it came time for them to raise their kids, they were very protective. Not quite the Golden Rule. Just an observation.

      Here... in the overall culture (yeah, a generalization) kids don't seem to be given the basics in terms of learning how to be self sufficient. In my opinion, this works against people when they get older.

      The latest post kind of reflects on this. The 'Bento no Hi' movement is all about teaching kids how to be more 'independent' - if that's the right word.

      Homemade salsa... sounds good.