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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mr. Glass

The level of satisfaction that comes from this piece is based on a person's ability to live. Full on.

Like Mr. Glass.

No, not him. 

He's just someone's dreamt up idea of a supervillian. Who happens to be played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Listen. Go ahead and listen. Just press play, it won't hurt you. The background music will explain itself. All that is needed is a little cooperation. Not much. Just a little. One click.

No other links. Not this time. 

I promise.

Thank you.

For those of you who didn't know... I sure as hell didn't... for those of you who didn't know, he had a way of playing that either bit you on the ear or grabbed you by the nuts. Man, that's gross. Either way, he was one hell of a guy.

The Unbreakable Mr. Glass.

No, not Steve. The other guy, the one with the Italian looking last name and the French-ish first one.

Never would have come across him had I not been drifting through cyberspace. Youtube is another dimension all together. Not really a worm-hole. But one of the dimensions that enables the social network to access it's collective memory. In stereo even.

I really like the part where he steps in (at 3:50) and then starts to move (at 4:00) and really gets it on (from 4:30).

Now, you might not think that 3:50-4:30 bit was worth the 45 seconds of your time.
Tell you the truth, he probably came across a lot better live.

But did he ever complain?


Excuse me! I double-dare you to say that again.

Once more. Did he ever complain?

(gives an honest shrug)

No. Not really. Even though he may have endured, at least 100 times,  something most of us would have found intolerable.

Apparently, great humans share their ability, sharing that feeling with others through the gifts that they have.

Great humans don't complain, they do something. And sometimes... sometimes they do a just a bit more than others.

That man sure packed one hell of life into what he was given. Shorter says it all:

There’s a lot of people walking around, full-grown and so-called normal—they have everything that they were born with at the right leg length, arm length, and stuff like that. They’re symmetrical in every way, but they live their lives like they are armless, legless, brainless, and they live their life with blame. I never heard Michel complain about anything. Michel didn’t look in the mirror and complain about what he saw. Michel was a great musician—a great musician—and great, ultimately, because he was a great human being because he had the ability to feel and give to others of that feeling, and he gave to others through his music.”[1]

Okay, I lied.  Lied about having more than one link. So...

The title of the piece kind of says it all.


  1. Jazz was never something I was drawn to, not directly but sometimes through Rap sampling. Clint Eastwood however is a HUGE fan and did a movie called Bird which is one of his finest under appreciated gems. I think Forrest Whitaker was in it?

    I played all of the top vid btw :)

    1. (First response to you're comment not able to send 'cause Firefox wasn't responding and required yet another freakin' Force Quit... anyway)

      Jazz is not something I was ever drawn into either. Yet, like the "Dark Side of the Moon" album you were kind of forced to listen to due to parental proximity, Jazz (or maybe it was fusion - wikied... found out it was 'smooth jazz' that came out of fusion) was something that was nearly always in the background, especially at mealtimes, which meant dinner. Always. People would 'freak out' if there wasn't some kind of 'higher sound' to listen to other than the masticating of the meal, even when done with mouth closed. Clink of silverware (probably not real silver) to plate was also a real 'freak-out' offense too. Weird the way that works.

      Back to that soothing sound. Basically, that's what Jazz is for me. Back and forth between the voice of the horn and the combination of the keys... all great, but for me, it was the soothing sound. Soothing in that it was just about the only thing that could keep a formerly proudly declared 'legally insane' do to recreational use and abuse from coming unglued (most of the time)... it is the soothing quality of smooth musing that I've come to admire and depend on. Just have to let it into my system.

      Wow... while I was typing this out (family is already KO'd due to the activities today)... while I was typing this out I googled and wikied to see what it was that I used to listen to and it is like going into hyperspace mode. Thanks to my early exposure to 'smooth jazz' I was able to listen to other forms, which kind of require folks to mellow out if they want to listen.

      Will definitely try 'Bird' - ironically, that's all we ever ate while the likes of Charlie Parker through Michael Franks.


  2. Jazz and blues have something to offer everyone. No matter what kind of day you had, the right jazz jam can take the edge right off.

    A little scotch doesn't hurt, either...

    1. Yeah... I never want to forget that the 'right jazz jam can take the edge right off'. Beats going over it. Most of the time anyway.

      Scotch... just end up hurting myself with that so tend to stick to the less grown-up stuff.